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March 20, 2020

National Level Technical Symposium

Powerpoint Presentation

Make Slides that Reinforce your Words, Not Repeat them.

  • Maximum 3 Members Per Team
  • Cash Prize : Upto 1500 ₹
  • Topics
    • IoT / IIoT
    • Artifical Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deap Learning
    • Big Data
    • Robotics
    • Satellite Communication
    • Medical Electronics / Medical Imaging

Dazzle Coding

Hurry Makes Worry, But for Coders it is Merry.

  • Solo
  • Languages Prefered C, Java, Python
  • Two Rounds, Each Valids 45 minutes
  • MCQ's and Problem Solving

Project Expo

Preparation and Research is 50%, Innovation Speaks.

  • Maximum 4 Members Per Team
  • Bring Your working Model and Necessary Tools
  • Bring the hard copy and soft copy of the Abstract
  • Cash Prize : Upto 1500 ₹
  • Topics
    • Embedded Systems
    • IoT
    • VLSI
    • Communication and Signal Processing
    • Robotics
    • Medical Electronics

Mind Scribbles

Fastest Toungsters First.

  • This Event is Based on Technical Quiz
  • Solo / 2 Members Per Team


Image is a love Affair with Life (Photography).

  • Solo Participation
  • The Paticipants Should Bring Their Own Camera (Mobile Phone Cameras are also Allowed)
  • The Sector Area will be Informed us.

Fandom Trivia

To be Continued.............

  • Maximum 2 Members Per Team
  • The Participants with Web Series Addictions are Cordially Invited
  • Three Rounds will be conducted

Best Manager

Play to Win but Enjoy the Fun.

  • Rounds Based On Management Task And Fun Games
  • Maximum 3 Members Per Team

Short Film

A Camera is a Camera, A Shot is a Shot, How you Tell the Story is the Main Thing.

  • Cash Prize : Upto 1500 ₹
  • Film Length should be 10-15 Minutes
  • The Participants (Cast / Director) should bring the Film in their own USB Drive
  • The Film should be with zero vulgarity (such as Romance shots etc....)

Title Video Creation

Perspective and Creative Works.

  • Cash Prize : Upto 1500 ₹
  • Maximum 2 Members Per Team
  • Concepts will be given on the spot
  • Duration upto 40-50 seconds