The EEE Department of our college has established an Energy Association - HELPS- Healing Environment by Levitating Passion among the Society


  • To inculcate in the minds of human society about the essentiality of conserving energy and to harvest the idea of the green globe through effective involvement of student community.


  • To protect, preserve and promote the harmony of humankind with Mother Nature and to ensure the usage of the resources without exploitation.


  • To support tree plantation in order to minimize global warming.
  • To generate awareness among the youngsters about the need for energy conservation and other ecological aspects like minimizing plastic usage, relying on non-polluting sources of energy, etc.
  • To spread the idea of a green globe to different sectors of society.
  • To motivate the usage of eco-friendly energy sources.

The prime objective of HELPS is to inculcate energy conservation and impinge it to the students as by doing so they can come forward with ample ideas and sort out all possibilities to create passion among the youth regarding energy conservation which is the need of the hour.
The proposal of starting the Energy association named HELPS was first made on 5th of March 2013 and was approved after which the Vision and Mission were framed for the Society.
To encourage the students, Events such as mini projects, Poster design contest, and seminars on Energy scenario and Energy conservation techniques were organized during the academic year 2014-2015
During the Academic year 2015-2016, the HELPS took its new dimension as the students wanted to create a logo and a caption for the Energy Association HELPS.
Therefore Lakshaya-which means portrayal of the Vision an inaugural meeting was organized where the Logo and the Moto were launched which is Energy Conserved-Earth Preserved.
The same Day the HELPS Calendar was launched which summarised the events to be conducted in the academic year 2015-2016
Some of the major events conducted by HELPS during the academic year 2015-2016 are the following(Details Attached at the End)

  • Tree plantation (69 trees planted on 69th independence Day in Dindigul District where the Forest Department From the Collectorate of Dindigul district Provided 69 saplings to be planted in School's temples and aged homes.
  • The Brainstorming Event Which is an Intra-Departmental paper presentation on energy conservation
  • The Slogan writing Contest which was conducted to encourage the students to come up with new captions which while read should give a thought-provoking idea to anyone who reads it about Energy conservation.

During the academic year 2016-2017. HELPS was re-initiated with the name E-Enhanza at which the academic calendar of HELPS was launched as well as presentations and Mime event took place to motivate the new HELPS members and the second years.

  • It is planned to first organize a Cycle rally in the coming semester to profess the benefits of cycling, at least 10 social benefits and 40 health benefits of the same which is also one among the event of this academic calendar
  • It is also planned to conduct a Premiere Show to bring out all the possibilities in the various department of Engineering about Energy Conservation that would not just benefit the student but also the outside engineering world and the society as well.

S. No.






-Mini project exhibition

  • Seminar on Energy scenario and conservation techniques
  • Poster presentation on energy conservation



  • LAKSHYA- Portrayal of the vision

-LOGO Launch
-Academic calendar launch

  • Slogan writing competition
  • Ground water day celebration

-Awareness for water saving

  • Gifting green

-Tree plantation on 69th independence day



  • E-ENHANZA 2K16

- MIME presentation
- Poem writing



  • Cycle rally –Energy awareness programme
  • Poster presentation



  • Energy awareness Programme @ Ammapatti village