To inspire and nurture the younger minds towards innovation and entrepreneurship which results in wealth creation and technology-based Startups.


  • Creating a conducive environment for development in the thrust areas of Engineering and Technology
  • Establishing an ecosystem for support with Mentorship, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists
  • Integrating with organizations, such as government Industry and Alumni network to meet out emerging demands and needs
  • Facilitating a platform for development of ideation into commercialization


  • To develop societal problem-solving skills among students through their creativity and design thinking abilities.
  • To arrange periodical field visits in nearby places of interests and get them exposed with challenges in daily routines.
  • To organize My Idea events periodically in order to improve students' problem-solving skill.
  • To motivate students' participation in various National and International competitions viz. pitch festival, Hackathon, Google Startup contest and other similar events.
  • To encourage faculty in organizing events on innovation, entrepreneurship and IPR in order to enhance their Mentorship capabilities.
  • To support every innovation for Patent and fabrication through incubation.
  • To boost students and faculty eligibility for obtaining seed money and incentives.
  • To strengthen Institute-Industry interaction for establishing incubation facility and investors' support.


  • To associate our students in entrepreneurial ventures viz. Innovators / Creators / Market makers / Expanders / Scalers.
  • To formulate our students' ideas to entrepreneurial values through our Innovation Hub.
  • To strengthen our Institute-Industry partnerships for achieving Sustainable Development.
  • To collaborate with various government and private funding organisations for Fiscal Growth and Expansion.
  • To enhance the research quality for obtaining Patents / Copyrights / Trademarks.
  • To establish Technology Business Incubator for promoting innovations for successful Start-ups.


Dr. D. Vasudevan, Principal

Vice President
Dr. N. Jawahar, Dean – Research

IIC Head
Dr. A. Vincent Antony Kumar, Professor & Head/IT

EDC Head
Dr. S. Manimaran, Professor & Head/MBA & EDC

Convener & NISP Coordinator
Dr. T. Hemalatha, Professor & Head/AI&DS

IPR Cell Coordinator
Mr. J. E. Moshe Dayan M.E, Assistant Professor/EEE

Advisory Consultant
Mr. Meyyappan, Top Freshers Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
Mr. Dhanus, Director & Hub Coordinator, TN-EDII, Salem.
Mr. N. Senthil Kumaran, Engineering Contractors, Dindigul.

Advisory Member
Mr. Gowtham, Field Coordinator, TN-EDII, Salem
Mr. Sudeesh Rajendran, R3S Engineers and Contractors, Trichy

Dr. K. Srinivasan, Associate Professor/Civil
Dr. M. Arul Prasanna, Associate Professor/EEE
Dr. S. Satheesh Babu, Associate Professor/CSE

Dr. K. Meena Alias Jeyanthi, Professor/ECE
Dr. K. Muthumayil, Professor/IT
Dr. S. Sriram, Professor/BME
Mr. M. Nagaraja, Assistant Professor/Mech


  • Industry 4.0 with focus on additive manufacturing
  • Bio compatible Nano fluids/materials
  • Bio fuels and bio fuel engines
  • Electric Vehicles and Battery Management Systems
  • Industrial IoT with Automation
  • Robotics
  • Green Energy Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled smart applications
  • Cyber Security
  • Computer Vision
  • Data Science
  • Bio-Design & Bio-Mechanics
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • AI/NN for Sustainable Technology