S.No. List of Journals & Magazines for Electronics & Communication Engineering Package
International E-Journals
1 Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, IEEE (M-AES)  IEEE
2 Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Trans. on (T-AES) IEEE
3 Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE (M-AP)  IEEE
4 Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Trans. on (T-AP)  IEEE
5 Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, IEEE (L-AWP)  IEEE
6 Audio, Speech and Language Processing, IEEE Trans. on (T-ASL)  IEEE
7 Broadcasting, IEEE Trans. on (T-BC)  IEEE
8 China Communications Magazine (M-CHINA) IEEE
9 Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Trans. on (T-CSVT)  IEEE
10 Communications Letters, IEEE (L-COMM)  IEEE
11 Communications Magazine, IEEE (M-COMM)  IEEE
12 Communications, IEEE Trans. on (T-COMM)  IEEE
13 Components and Packaging Technologies, IEEE Trans. on (T-CAPT)  IEEE
14 Consumer Electronics, IEEE Trans. on (T-CE)  IEEE
15 Display Technology, IEEE/OSA Journal of (J-DT)  IEEE
16 Electron Device Letters, IEEE (L-ED)  IEEE
17 Electron Devices, IEEE Trans. on (T-ED) IEEE
18 IEEE Comunications Surveys & Tutorials (COMST) IEEE
19 IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (M-CE) IEEE
20 Industrial Electronics Magazine, IEEE (M-IE)  IEEE
21 Industrial Electronics, IEEE Trans. on (T-IE)  IEEE
22 Industrial Informatics, IEEE Trans. on (T-IINF)  IEEE
23 Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine, IEEE (M-IM)  IEEE
24 Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Trans. on (T-IM)  IEEE
25 Micro Magazine, IEEE (M-MICRO)  IEEE
26 Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, IEEE (L-MWC)  IEEE
27 Microwave Magazine, IEEE (M-MW)  IEEE
28 Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Trans. on (T-MTT)  IEEE
29 Mobile Computing, IEEE Trans. on (T-MC)  IEEE
30 Nanotechnology Magazine, IEEE (M-NANO)  IEEE
31 Nanotechnology, IEEE Trans. on (T-NANO)  IEEE
32 Autonomous Mental Development, IEEE Trans. on (T-AMD)  IEEE
33 IEEE Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnologias Del Aprendizaje (IEEE-RITA) IEEE
34 Acoustics, Speech And Signal Processing K-Hub
35 Acta Cybernetica K-Hub
36 Active And Passive Electronic Components K-Hub
37 Ad-Hoc And Sensor Wireless Networks K-Hub
38 Advanced Composites Letters K-Hub
39 FALSE K-Hub
40 Advanced Intelligent Systems K-Hub
41 Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer & Composites Science K-Hub
42 Advances In Electrical And Computer Engineering K-Hub
43 Advances In Electrical And Electronic Engineering K-Hub
44 Advances In Electronics K-Hub
45 Advances In Fuzzy Systems K-Hub
46 Advances In Materials Science And Engineering K-Hub
47 Advances In Microelectronic Engineering K-Hub
48 Advances In Nano Research K-Hub
49 Advances In Optoelectronics K-Hub
50 Advances In Power Electronics K-Hub
51 Advances In Radio Science K-Hub
52 Aims Electronics And Electrical Engineering K-Hub
53 Aims Materials Science K-Hub
54 Alan Review K-Hub
55 Almatourism - Journal Of Tourism, Culture And Territorial Development K-Hub
56 Annals Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering K-Hub
57 Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Newsletter K-Hub
58 Applied Rheology K-Hub
59 Applied Surface Science Advances K-Hub
60 Archives Of Electrical Engineering K-Hub
61 Array K-Hub
62 Austin Journal Of Biosensors & Bioelectronics K-Hub
63 Australian Ejournal Of Theology K-Hub
64 Automation Technology K-Hub
65 Barcelona Art Creation Research K-Hub
66 Batteries K-Hub
67 Beilstein Journal Of Nanotechnology K-Hub
68 Big Data Mining And Analytics K-Hub
69 Bioactive Materials K-Hub
70 Biosensors Journal K-Hub
71 Biosurface And Biotribology K-Hub
72 Bmc Energy K-Hub
73 Bohemistyka K-Hub
74 Bulletin Of The Polish Academy Of Sciences: Technical Sciences K-Hub
75 Carbon Energy K-Hub
76 Carpathian Journal Of Electrical Engineering K-Hub
77 Carpathian Journal Of Electronic And Computer Engineering K-Hub
78 Carptahian Journal Of Electronic And Computer Engineering K-Hub
79 Chinese Journal Of Electrical Engineering K-Hub
80 Chinese Space Science And Technology K-Hub
81 Circuits And Systems K-Hub
82 Cognitive Computation And Systems K-Hub
83 Communication K-Hub
84 Communications - Scientific Letters Of The University Of Zilina K-Hub
85 Communications Materials K-Hub
86 Computer Optics K-Hub
87 Control Systems And Computers K-Hub
88 Cpss Transactions On Power Electronics And Applications K-Hub
89 Cqd-Paulista Electronic Journal Of Mathematics K-Hub
90 Cybernetics K-Hub
91 Cybersecurity K-Hub
92 Cyberspace Studies: Journal Of Cyberspace Studies K-Hub
93 Defence Science Journal K-Hub
94 Detection Technology And Automation Equipment K-Hub
95 Development Engineering K-Hub
96 Diagnostics K-Hub
97 Diagnostyka K-Hub
98 Eai Endorsed Transactions On Cloud Systems K-Hub
99 Eai Endorsed Transactions On Cognitive Communications K-Hub
100 Eai Endorsed Transactions On Industrial Networks And Intelligent Systems K-Hub
101 Eai Endorsed Transactions On Internet Of Things K-Hub
102 Eai Endorsed Transactions On Mobile Communications And Applications K-Hub
103 Eai Endorsed Transactions On Serious Games K-Hub
104 Eastern-European Journal Of Enterprise Technologies K-Hub
105 Ecs Solid State Letters K-Hub
106 Ecti Transactions On Computer And Information Technology K-Hub
107 Ecti Transactions On Electrical Engineering, Electronics, And Communications K-Hub
108 Efzg Working Paper Series K-Hub
109 Egems K-Hub
110 Elcvia Electronic Letters On Computer Vision And Image Analysis K-Hub
111 Electrical & Electronic Technology Open Access Journal K-Hub
112 Electrical And Electronic Engineering K-Hub
113 Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics K-Hub
114 Electrical, Control And Communication Engineering K-Hub
115 Electrochemical And Solid-State Letters K-Hub
116 Electronic Antiquity K-Hub
117 Electronic Antiquity: Communicating The Classics K-Hub
118 Electronic Communications In Probability K-Hub
119 Electronic Green Journal K-Hub
120 Electronic Journal Of Biology K-Hub
121 Electronic Journal Of Criminal Law And Criminal Policy K-Hub
122 Electronic Journal Of Health Informatics K-Hub
123 Electronic Journal Of Probability K-Hub
124 Electronic Journal Of Psychology Iztacala K-Hub
125 Electronic Journal Of Statistics K-Hub
126 Electronic Journal Of Strategy & Business K-Hub
127 Electronic Journal Teccen K-Hub
128 Electronic Research Archive K-Hub
129 Electronics K-Hub
130 Electronics And Communication K-Hub
131 Electronics And Electrical Engineering K-Hub
132 Emitor K-Hub
133 Encrucijada, Electronic Magazine Of The Center For Public Administration Studies K-Hub
134 Energy And Ai K-Hub
135 Energy And Policy Research K-Hub
136 Energy Exploration & Exploitation K-Hub
137 Energy Geoscience K-Hub
138 Energy Reports K-Hub
139 Engi Electronic Journal Of The Faculty Of Engineering K-Hub
140 Engineering K-Hub
141 Engineering And Applied Science Letters K-Hub
142 Engineering Biology K-Hub
143 Epj Applied Metamaterials K-Hub
144 Epj Nuclear Sciences & Technologies K-Hub
145 Epj Photovoltaics K-Hub
146 Epri Journal K-Hub
147 Etri Journal K-Hub
148 Eurasip Journal On Advances In Signal Processing K-Hub
149 Eurasip Journal On Applied Signal Processing K-Hub
150 Eurasip Journal On Image And Video Processing K-Hub
151 Eurasip Journal On Information Security K-Hub
152 Eurasip Journal On Wireless Communications And Networking K-Hub
153 European Journal Of Electrical Engineering K-Hub
154 European Journal Of Materials Science And Engineering K-Hub
155 Facta Universitatis, Series: Electronics And Energetics K-Hub
156 Facta Universitatis. Series: Electronics And Energetics K-Hub
157 Federalism-E K-Hub
158 Fountain Of Informatics Journal K-Hub
159 Frontiers In Robotics And Ai K-Hub
160 Fuentes Magazine The Energy Blowout K-Hub
161 Functional Composite Materials K-Hub
162 Furukawa Review K-Hub
163 Heat Treatment And Surface Engineering K-Hub
164 High Voltage K-Hub
165 Holon: Postdisciplinaran Journal K-Hub
166 Iacr Transactions On Symmetric Cryptology K-Hub
167 Ictact Journal On Communication Technology K-Hub
168 Ictact Journal On Microelectronics K-Hub
169 Ictact Journal On Soft Computing K-Hub
170 Ieee Access K-Hub
171 Ieee Journal Of The Electron Devices Society K-Hub
172 Ieee Journal On Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices And Circuits K-Hub
173 Ieee Nanotechnology Express K-Hub
174 Ieee Open Access Journal Of Power And Energy K-Hub
175 Ieee Open Journal Of Antennas And Propagation K-Hub
176 Ieee Open Journal Of Circuits And Systems K-Hub
177 Ieee Open Journal Of Nanotechnology K-Hub
178 Ieee Open Journal Of Power Electronics K-Hub
179 Ieee Open Journal Of Signal Processing K-Hub
180 Ieee Open Journal Of The Communications Society K-Hub
181 Ieee Open Journal Of The Computer Society K-Hub
182 Ieee Open Journal Of The Industrial Electronics Society K-Hub
183 Ieee Open Journal Of Vehicular Technology K-Hub
184 Ieee Photonics Journal K-Hub
185 Ieee Power And Energy Technology Systems Journal K-Hub
186 Ieej Journal Of Industry Applications K-Hub
187 Ieice Transactions On Information And Systems K-Hub
188 Ieie Transactions On Smart Processing & Computing K-Hub
189 Iet Circuits, Devices & Systems K-Hub
190 Iet Communications K-Hub
191 Iet Computers & Digital Techniques K-Hub
192 Iet Control Theory And Applications K-Hub
193 Iet Cyber-Physical Systems K-Hub
194 Iet Energy Systems Integration K-Hub
195 Iet Generation, Transmission & Distribution K-Hub
196 Iet Image Processing K-Hub
197 Iet Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation K-Hub
198 Iet Nanobiotechnology K-Hub
199 Iet Nanodielectrics K-Hub
200 Iet Optoelectronics K-Hub
201 Iet Power Electronics K-Hub
202 Iet Radar, Sonar & Navigation K-Hub
203 Iet Science, Measurement & Technology K-Hub
204 Iet Signal Processing K-Hub
205 Iet Smart Grid K-Hub
206 Iii-Vs Review K-Hub
207 Imeko Acta K-Hub
208 Indonesian Journal Of Computer Science K-Hub
209 Indonesian Journal Of Computing, Engineering And Design K-Hub
210 Indonesian Journal Of Electrical Engineering And Computer Science K-Hub
211 Indonesian Journal Of Electrical Engineering And Informatics K-Hub
212 Indonesian Journal Of Electronics And Instrumentation Systems K-Hub
213 Infomat K-Hub
214 Information Sciences And Computing K-Hub
215 Information Systems And Signal Processing Journal K-Hub
216 Information Technologies And Control K-Hub
217 Information Technology And Control K-Hub
218 Infrared And Laser Engineering K-Hub
219 Innocentre Electronic Journal K-Hub
220 International Journal Of Advanced Computer Research K-Hub
221 International Journal Of Advanced Engineering Research And Science K-Hub
222 International Journal Of Advanced Network, Monitoring, And Controls K-Hub
223 International Journal Of Advanced Nuclear Reactor Design And Technology K-Hub
224 International Journal Of Advanced Research In Engineering K-Hub
225 International Journal Of Advanced Robotic Systems K-Hub
226 International Journal Of Advanced Trends In Computer Science And Engineering K-Hub
227 International Journal Of Advances In Microwave Technology K-Hub
228 International Journal Of Antennas And Propagation K-Hub
229 International Journal Of Applied Linguistics And English Literature K-Hub
230 International Journal Of Automation And Smart Technology K-Hub
231 International Journal Of Circuits, Systems And Signal Processing K-Hub
232 International Journal Of Computing And Digital Systems K-Hub
233 International Journal Of Computing Sciences Research K-Hub
234 International Journal Of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting K-Hub
235 International Journal Of Electrical And Computer Engineering K-Hub
236 International Journal Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications K-Hub
237 International Journal Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering And Telecommunications K-Hub
238 International Journal Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering K-Hub
239 International Journal Of Electrical Engineering K-Hub
240 International Journal Of Electrical, Electronics And Data Communication K-Hub
241 International Journal Of Electronics And Telecommunications K-Hub
242 International Journal Of Engineering And Technology Innovation K-Hub
243 International Journal Of Engineering Intelligent Systems For Electrical Engineering And Communications K-Hub
244 International Journal Of Industrial Electronics And Electrical Engineering K-Hub
245 International Journal Of Industrial Electronics, Control And Optimization K-Hub
246 International Journal Of Innovative Research In Electronics And Communications K-Hub
247 International Journal Of Innovative Technology And Exploring Engineering K-Hub
248 International Journal Of Learning Analytics And Artificial Intelligence For Education K-Hub
249 International Journal Of Mechanics K-Hub
250 International Journal Of Microwave Science And Technology K-Hub
251 International Journal Of Modern Research In Electrical And Electronic Engineering K-Hub
252 International Journal Of Nano Devices, Sensors And Systems K-Hub
253 International Journal Of Nanotechnology In Medicine & Engineering K-Hub
254 International Journal Of Optomechatronics K-Hub
255 International Journal Of Power Electronics And Drive Systems K-Hub
256 International Journal Of Power Management Electronics K-Hub
257 International Journal Of Recent Contributions From Engineering, Science & It K-Hub
258 International Journal Of Reconfigurable Computing K-Hub
259 International Journal Of Research Studies In Electrical And Electronics Engineering K-Hub
260 International Journal Of Rfid Security And Cryptography K-Hub
261 International Journal Of Robust And Nonlinear Control K-Hub
262 International Journal Of Sensor Networks And Data Communications K-Hub
263 International Journal Of Smart Grid And Clean Energy K-Hub
264 International Journal Of Software Engineering And Computer Systems K-Hub
265 International Journal Of System Modeling And Simulation K-Hub
266 International Journal On Advances In Systems And Measurements K-Hub
267 International Journal On Communications Antenna And Propagation K-Hub
268 International Journal On Smart Material And Mechatronics K-Hub
269 International Journal On Smart Sensing And Intelligent Systems K-Hub
270 Internet Of Things (Iot) And Engineering Applications K-Hub
271 Ipsj Transactions On Computer Vision And Applications K-Hub
272 Ipsj Transactions On System Lsi Design Methodology K-Hub
273 Iranian Journal Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering K-Hub
274 Iraqi Journal For Electrical And Electronic Engineering K-Hub
275 Isel Academic Journal Of Electronics, Telecommunications And Computers K-Hub
276 Iu-Journal Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering K-Hub
277 Journal Of Advanced Dielectrics K-Hub
278 Journal Of Advanced Engineering And Computation K-Hub
279 Journal Of Advanced Joining Processes K-Hub
280 Journal Of Applied Engineering And Technological Science K-Hub
281 Journal Of Applied Science & Process Engineering K-Hub
282 Journal Of Big Data K-Hub
283 Journal Of China Coal Society K-Hub
284 Journal Of Cloud Computing K-Hub
285 Journal Of Communications K-Hub
286 Journal Of Communications Software And Systems K-Hub
287 Journal Of Computer & Robotics K-Hub
288 Journal Of Control Engineering And Applied Informatics K-Hub
289 Journal Of Control Science And Engineering K-Hub
290 Journal Of Electrical & Electronic Systems K-Hub
291 Journal Of Electrical And Computer Engineering K-Hub
292 Journal Of Electrical And Computer Engineering Innovations K-Hub
293 Journal Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering K-Hub
294 Journal Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering Research K-Hub
295 Journal Of Electrical Engineering K-Hub
296 Journal Of Electrical Engineering & Electronic Technology K-Hub
297 Journal Of Electrical Systems K-Hub
298 Journal Of Electrical, Electronics And Informatics K-Hub
299 Journal Of Electromagnetic Engineering And Science K-Hub
300 Journal Of Electromagnetic Interference And Compatibility K-Hub
301 Journal Of Electronic Imaging K-Hub
302 Journal Of Electronic Publishing K-Hub
303 Journal Of Electronic Science And Technology K-Hub
304 Journal Of Electronics And Information Science K-Hub
305 Journal Of Electronics Cooling And Thermal Control K-Hub
306 Journal Of Electronics, Electromedical Engineering, And Medical Informatics K-Hub
307 Journal Of Electrotechnology, Electrical Engineering And Management K-Hub
308 Journal Of Engineered Fibers And Fabrics K-Hub
309 Journal Of Engineering Education K-Hub
310 Journal Of Engineering Elektrika K-Hub
311 Journal Of Ict Research And Applications K-Hub
312 Journal Of Industrial Electronics And Applications K-Hub
313 Journal Of Information And Communication Convergence Engineering K-Hub
314 Journal Of Information Policy K-Hub
315 Journal Of Infrared And Millimeter Waves K-Hub
316 Journal Of Intelligent Procedures In Electrical Technology K-Hub
317 Journal Of International Council On Electrical Engineering K-Hub
318 Journal Of Internet Services And Applications K-Hub
319 Journal Of Laser Micro Nanoengineering K-Hub
320 Journal Of Law, State And Telecommunications K-Hub
321 Journal Of Light & Visual Environment K-Hub
322 Journal Of Low Power Electronics And Applications K-Hub
323 Journal Of Microelectronic Manufacturing K-Hub
324 Journal Of Micromechanics And Microengineering K-Hub
325 Journal Of Microwaves, Optoelectronics And Electromagnetic Applications K-Hub
326 Journal Of Mobile Communication K-Hub
327 Journal Of Modern Power Systems And Clean Energy K-Hub
328 Journal Of Modern Transportation K-Hub
329 Journal Of Multimedia K-Hub
330 Journal Of Operation And Automation In Power Engineering K-Hub
331 Journal Of Optoelectronics And Advanced Materials K-Hub
332 Journal Of Optoelectronics Engineering K-Hub
333 Journal Of Physics: Energy K-Hub
334 Journal Of Power Electronics, Machines And Drives K-Hub
335 Journal Of Power Sources Advances K-Hub
336 Journal Of Research In Engineering And Applied Sciences K-Hub
337 Journal Of Semiconductor Technology And Science K-Hub
338 Journal Of Semiconductors K-Hub
339 Journal Of Sensors K-Hub
340 Journal Of Systems Engineering And Electronics K-Hub
341 Journal Of Telecommunication, Electronic And Computer Engineering K-Hub
342 Journal Of Telecommunications And Information Technology K-Hub
343 Journal Of The Brazilian Computer Society K-Hub
344 Journal Of The Global Power And Propulsion Society K-Hub
345 Journal Of The Korean Institute Of Electromagnetic Engineering And Science K-Hub
346 Journal Of Theoretical And Applied Vibration And Acoustics K-Hub
347 Journal On Advanced Research In Electrical Engineering K-Hub
348 Journal On Best Teaching Practices K-Hub
349 Kybernetika K-Hub
350 Laser And Particle Beams K-Hub
351 Leibniz Transactions On Embedded Systems K-Hub
352 Machine Learning And Knowledge Extraction K-Hub
353 Machine Learning: Science And Technology K-Hub
354 Magazine Feminismos K-Hub
355 Magazine Gepros K-Hub
356 Magazine Scientific Electronic Cra-Pr - Recc K-Hub
357 Magazine Univap K-Hub
358 Materials Letters: X K-Hub
359 Materials Research Express K-Hub
360 Materials Today Advances K-Hub
361 Matter And Radiation At Extremes K-Hub
362 Measurement: Sensors K-Hub
363 Micro And Nano Engineering K-Hub
364 Micromachines K-Hub
365 Microwave Journal K-Hub
366 Microwave Review K-Hub
367 Midem Information K-Hub
368 Modelling, Measurement And Control A K-Hub
369 Modern Electronic Materials K-Hub
370 Nano World. Interdisciplinary Journal In Nanoscience And Nanotechnology K-Hub
371 Nano-Micro Letters K-Hub
372 Nanomaterials And Nanotechnology K-Hub
373 Nanotechnology K-Hub
374 National Journal Of Electrical Engineering K-Hub
375 Nature Electronics K-Hub
376 Nec Technical Journal K-Hub
377 Network Protocols And Algorithms K-Hub
378 Neurama - Electronic Journal Of Psychogerontology K-Hub
379 Ntt Technical Review K-Hub
380 Observe K-Hub
381 Open Engineering K-Hub
382 Optical Fiber Sensor And Communication K-Hub
383 Optical Materials: X K-Hub
384 Pakistan Journal Of Engineering & Technology K-Hub
385 Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering And Computer Science K-Hub
386 Periodica Polytechnica, Electrical Engineering K-Hub
387 Periodicals Of Engineering And Natural Sciences K-Hub
388 Photonics Journal, Ieee K-Hub
389 Power Electronics And Drives K-Hub
390 Pracs: Humanities Course Electronic Journal Of Social Sciences Unifap K-Hub
391 Problems Of The Regional Energetics K-Hub
392 Progress In Electromagnetics Research K-Hub
393 Progress In Electromagnetics Research B K-Hub
394 Protection And Control Of Modern Power Systems K-Hub
395 Quantum Beam Science K-Hub
396 Quantum Electronics K-Hub
397 Radiation Physics And Engineering K-Hub
398 Radio Electronics, Computer Science, Control K-Hub
399 Radioengineering K-Hub
400 Reciis : Electronic Journal Of Communication, Information & Innovation In Health K-Hub
401 Regeneración Tlacuilolli Ucla Raza Studies Journal K-Hub
402 Relief - Electronic Literature Review French K-Hub
403 Research Letters In Electronics K-Hub
404 Research Letters In Materials Science K-Hub
405 Results In Materials K-Hub
406 Rungta International Journal Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering K-Hub
407 Scientific Bulletin Of Valahia University: Materials And Mechanics K-Hub
408 Scientific Journal Of Energy Engineering K-Hub
409 Scientific Magazine Electrical Engineering K-Hub
410 Scientific Phone Apps And Mobile Devices K-Hub
411 Scripta Nova K-Hub
412 Semiconductor Science And Technology K-Hub
413 Sensing And Bio-Sensing Research K-Hub
414 Sensors K-Hub
415 Sensors International K-Hub
416 Smart Grid K-Hub
417 Smart Materials And Structures K-Hub
418 Solid State Electronics Letters K-Hub
419 Sukkur Iba Journal Of Computing And Mathematical Sciences K-Hub
420 Superconductor Science And Technology K-Hub
421 Systems Science & Control Engineering: An Open Access Journal K-Hub
422 Telecom K-Hub
423 Telkomnika K-Hub
424 The Ieee Journal Of The Electron Devices Society K-Hub
425 The International Archives Of The Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing And Spatial Information Sciences K-Hub
426 The International Journal On Advances In Ict For Emerging Regions K-Hub
427 The Journal Of The Institute Of Image Information And Television Engineers K-Hub
428 The Open Electrical & Electronic Engineering Journal K-Hub
429 The Open Electrical And Electronic Engineering Journal K-Hub
430 The Unknown Dostoevsky K-Hub
431 Transactions On Cryptographic Hardware And Embedded Systems K-Hub
432 Transactions On Electrical Engineering, Electronics, And Communications K-Hub
433 Transactions On Environment And Electrical Engineering K-Hub
434 Transactions On Machine Design K-Hub
435 Transfer: Electronic Journal On Translation And Intercultural K-Hub
436 Turkish Journal Of Electrical Engineering And Computer Sciences K-Hub
437 Universal Journal Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering K-Hub
438 Urban Rail Transit K-Hub
439 Ursi Radio Science Bulletin K-Hub
440 Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware K-Hub
441 Vision Electronics Magazine: More Than Just A Solid State K-Hub
442 Vlsi Design K-Hub
443 Vsrd International Journal Of Elecrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering K-Hub
444 Wireless Communications And Mobile Computing K-Hub
445 Wireless Sensor Network K-Hub
446 Works And Communications Second Phase K-Hub
447 World Electric Vehicle Journal K-Hub
448 Wseas Transactions On Circuits And Systems K-Hub
449 Wseas Transactions On Communications K-Hub
450 Wseas Transactions On Electronics K-Hub
451 Wseas Transactions On Power Systems K-Hub
S.No. National Journals Version
1 IETE Technical Review  Print
2 Indian Journal of Mobile Computing Print
3 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Print
4 IEEMA: Electrical & Electronics Print
5 Indian Journal of Wireless Networks and Applications Print
6 Current Science Print
7 Resonance Journal of Science Education Print
8 Sadhana (Engineering Sciences) Print
9 Indian Science Abstracts Print
10 Embedded For You Print
11 Digit Print
12 Electronics For you Print
13 Electronics Bazaar Print