S.No. List of Journals & Magazines for Electrical and Electronics Engineering Package
International E-Journals
1 Automatic Control, IEEE Trans. on (T-AC)  IEEE
2 Automatica Sincia, IEEE/CAA Journal of (J-AS) IEEE
3 Circuits and Systems Magazine, IEEE (M-CAS)  IEEE
4 Circuits and Systems Part I: Regular Papers, IEEE Trans. on (T-CAS1)  IEEE
5 Circuits and Systems Part II: Express Briefs, IEEE Trans. on (T-CAS2)  IEEE
6 Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE Trans. on (T-CAD)  IEEE
7 Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, IEEE Trans. on (T-DEI)  IEEE
8 Electrical Insulation Magazine, IEEE (M-EI)  IEEE
9 Electromagnetic Compatibility, IEEE Trans. on (T-EMC)  IEEE
10 Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems, IEEE Journal on (JETCAS) IEEE
11 Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, IEEE Journal of (J-ESTPSE) IEEE
12 Energy Conversion, IEEE Trans. on (T-EC)  IEEE
13 IEEE Electrification Magazine (E-M) IEEE
14 IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine (M-EMC) IEEE
15 IEEE Magnetics Letters (L-MAG) IEEE
16 IEEE Power Electronics Magazine (M-PEL) IEEE
17 Magnetics, IEEE Trans. on (T-MAG)  IEEE
18 Nuclear Science, IEEE Trans. on (T-NS)  IEEE
19 Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Trans. on (T-ASC)  IEEE
20 7486 Ceramic Triode, Production Engineering Measure K-Hub
21 A Century Of Electricals. A Brief History Of Electrical Engineers K-Hub
22 A First Course In Electrical And Computer Engineering K-Hub
23 A Foundation In Digital Communication K-Hub
24 Ac Circuits K-Hub
25 Ac Electrical Circuit Analysis: A Practical Approach K-Hub
26 Adaptive Control: Stability, Convergence, And Robustness K-Hub
27 Advancement In Microstrip Antennas With Recent Applications K-Hub
28 Advances In Cognitive Radio Systems K-Hub
29 Advances In Microfluidics K-Hub
30 Advances In Satellite Communications K-Hub
31 Africa-Eu Renewable Energy Research And Innovation Symposium 2018 (Reris 2018) K-Hub
32 Apta Ss-E-010-98, Standard For The Development Of An Electromagnetic Compatibility Plan K-Hub
33 Biologically Inspired Robotics K-Hub
34 Brain And Human Body Modeling K-Hub
35 Can Energy-Efficient Electrical Appliances Be Considered "Environmental Goods"? K-Hub
36 Charged Particle Optics Theory: An Introduction K-Hub
37 Circuit Theory K-Hub
38 Co2 Allowance & Electricity Price Interaction K-Hub
39 Compact Models For Integrated Circuit Design: Conventional Transistors And Beyond K-Hub
40 Comparative Study On Rural Electrification Policies In Emerging Economies K-Hub
41 Computational Physics Of Electric Discharges In Gas Flows K-Hub
42 Computer Simulation In Physics And Engineering K-Hub
43 Conversational Computer Systems K-Hub
44 Cpwd General Specifications For Electrical Works Part I Internal - 2013. K-Hub
45 Cpwd General Specifications For Electrical Works Part Iv Sub Station – 2013. K-Hub
46 Cpwd General Specifications For Electrical Works Part Vi Fire Detection And Alarm System – 2018. K-Hub
47 Cpwd General Specifications For Electrical Works Part Vii D.G. Sets - 2013. K-Hub
48 Cr-5609/Tm-13705, Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing For Conducted Susceptibility Along Interconnecting Signal Lines K-Hub
49 Cr-6782/Tm-2001/140, Comparison Of U.S. Military And International Electromagnetic Compatibility Guidance K-Hub
50 Dc Circuits K-Hub
51 Dc Electrical Circuit Analysis: A Practical Approach K-Hub
52 Designing Analog Chips K-Hub
53 Development And Implementation Of Rfid Technology K-Hub
54 Development Of Inventions And Creative Ideas K-Hub
55 Digital Transformation In Semiconductor Manufacturing K-Hub
56 Direct Energy K-Hub
57 Discrete Stochastic Processes K-Hub
58 Eiot: The Development Of The Energy Internet Of Things In Energy Infrastructure K-Hub
59 Electrical Engineering Applications With The Ti-89 K-Hub
60 Electrical Power And Energy Systems For Transportation Applications K-Hub
61 Electricity And Magnetism K-Hub
62 Electricity And Magnetism 2 K-Hub
63 Electricity In A Climate-Constrained World - Data & Analyses K-Hub
64 Electrochemical Cells - New Advances In Fundamental Researches And Applications K-Hub
65 Electrochemical Fabrication And Mechanical Characterization Of The Graphene/Poly Vinyl Alcohol Nanocomposites K-Hub
66 Electrochemical Supercapacitors For Energy Storage And Delivery: Fundamentals And Applications K-Hub
67 Electromagnetic Field Theory A Problem Solving Approach K-Hub
68 Electromagnetic Field Theory: A Problem Solving Approach K-Hub
69 Electromagnetics And Applications Chapter 1 K-Hub
70 Electromagnetics Vol 1 K-Hub
71 Electromagnetics Vol 2 K-Hub
72 Electromagnetics, Volume 1 K-Hub
73 Electromechanical Dynamics K-Hub
74 Emc-Cs-2009.1, Electromagnetic Compatibility Specification For Electrical/Electronic Components And Subsystems K-Hub
75 Empowering Customer Choice In Electricity Markets K-Hub
76 Energy Market Integration In East Asia: Energy Trade, Cross Border Electricity, And Price Mechanism K-Hub
77 Energy Policies Of Iea Countries - The United States 2014 Review K-Hub
78 Energy-Efficient Electric Motor Selection Handbook K-Hub
79 Es-3U5T-1B257-Aa, Emc Design Guide For Printed Circuit Boards K-Hub
80 European Guide To Power System Testing: The Erigrid Holistic Approach For Evaluating Complex Smart Grid Configurations K-Hub
81 Flexible Circuit Technology, Third Edition K-Hub
82 Flexitranstore K-Hub
83 Forecasting And Assessing Risk Of Individual Electricity Peaks K-Hub
84 Foundations Of Multi-Paradigm Modelling For Cyber-Physical Systems K-Hub
85 Fuel Cell Handbook K-Hub
86 Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineering K-Hub
87 Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineering And Electronics K-Hub
88 Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineering I K-Hub
89 General Specifications For Electrical Works (Part-Iii-Lits & Escalators) - 2003 K-Hub
90 General Specifications For Electrical Works - Internal - 2005 K-Hub
91 General Specifications For Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning(Hvac) - 2017 K-Hub
92 General Specifications For Heating,Ventilation & Air-Conditioning(Hvac) - 2004 K-Hub
93 Global Navigation Satellite Systems: Signal, Theory And Applications K-Hub
94 Handbook Of Optical And Laser Scanning K-Hub
95 Information And Communications Technology K-Hub
96 Information And Entropy K-Hub
97 Instruments For New Music K-Hub
98 Intelligent Packet Dropping For Optimal Energy-Delay Tradeoffs In Wireless Downlinks K-Hub
99 Intelligent Sensor Networks: The Integration Of Sensor Networks, Signal Processing And Machine Learning K-Hub
100 Introduction To Communication Systems: An Interactive Approach Using The Wolfram Language K-Hub
101 Introduction To Communication, Control, And Signal Processing K-Hub
102 Introduction To Digital Signal And System Analysis K-Hub
103 Introduction To Eecs Ii: Digital Communication Systems Chapter 1 K-Hub
104 Introduction To Electrical Engineering And Computer Science Chapter 1 K-Hub
105 Introduction To Electrical Engineering And Computer Science Chapter 2 K-Hub
106 Introduction To Electrical Engineering And Computer Science Chapter 3 K-Hub
107 Introduction To Linear, Time-Invariant, Dynamic Systems For Students Of Engineering K-Hub
108 Introduction To Nanoelectronics K-Hub
109 Lessons From Liberalised Electricity Markets K-Hub
110 Lifelong Learning In The Mechanical And Electrical Engineering Industries K-Hub
111 Line E: Electrical Fundamentals Competency E-3: Explain Wiring Connections K-Hub
112 Line E: Electrical Fundamentals Competency E-4: Use Multimeters K-Hub
113 Lithium-Ion Batteries K-Hub
114 Mathematics For Computer Science K-Hub
115 Microwave And Rf Design: Amplifiers And Oscillators K-Hub
116 Microwave And Rf Design: Modules K-Hub
117 Microwave And Rf Design: Networks K-Hub
118 Microwave And Rf Design: Radio Systems K-Hub
119 Microwave And Rf Design: Transmission Lines K-Hub
120 Microwave Engineering Theory And Applications K-Hub
121 Mil-Hdbk-241B, Design Guide For Electromagnetic Interference Reduction In Power Supplies K-Hub
122 Mil-Hdbk-263B, Esd Control Handbook For Protection Of Electrical And Electronic Parts, Assemblies, And Equipment K-Hub
123 Mil-Hdbk-338B, Electronic Reliability Design Handbook K-Hub
124 Mil-Hdbk-419A, Grounding, Bonding, And Shielding For Electronic Equipments And Facilities K-Hub
125 Mil-Std-1310G, Standard Practice For Shipboard Bonding, Grounding, And Other Techniques K-Hub
126 Mil-Std-1686C, Esd Control Program For Protection Of Electrical And Electronic Parts, Assemblies, And Equipment K-Hub
127 Mil-Std-188-124B, Grounding, Bonding And Shielding K-Hub
128 Mil-Std-202G, Test Method Standard, Electronic And Electrical Component Parts K-Hub
129 Mil-Std-461F, Requirements For The Control Of Electromagnetic Interference K-Hub
130 Mil-Std-462D, Measurement Of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics K-Hub
131 Mil-Std-464A, Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Requirements For Systems K-Hub
132 Mil-Std-464C, Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Requirements For Systems K-Hub
133 Mil-Std-469, Radar Engineering Interface Requirements, Emc K-Hub
134 Mil-Std-750, Test Method Standard, Semiconductor Devices K-Hub
135 Mil-Std-810G, Environmental Engineering Considerations And Laboratory Tests K-Hub
136 National Electrical Code K-Hub
137 Note On The Proceedings. Mechanical And Electrical Engineering Industries K-Hub
138 Numerical Continuum Mechanics K-Hub
139 Oet Bulletin 65, Evaluating Compliance With Fcc Guidelines For Human Exposure To Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields K-Hub
140 Open Signals And Systems Laboratory Exercises K-Hub
141 Operational Amplifiers & Linear Integrated Circuits: Theory And Application - 3E K-Hub
142 Opportunities To Transform The Electricity Sector In Major Economies K-Hub
143 Optical Communication K-Hub
144 Optimal Control For Chemical Engineers K-Hub
145 Practical Optimization: A Gentle Introduction K-Hub
146 Principles Of Computer System Design An Introduction K-Hub
147 Principles Of Computerized Tomographic Imaging K-Hub
148 Principles Of Digital Communications K-Hub
149 Projected Costs Of Generating Electricity - 2010 Edition K-Hub
150 Protein Crystallization Under The Presence Of An Electric Field K-Hub
151 Radiation Protection Manual, U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers K-Hub
152 Radio Frequency Identification: From System To Applications K-Hub
153 Ranaviruses K-Hub
154 Remote Sensing, U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers K-Hub
155 Rl32544, High Altitude Emp And High Power Microwave Devices: Threat Assessments, Congressional Research Service K-Hub
156 Rps3, Maximum Exposure Levels To Radiofrequency Fields--3 Khz To 300 Ghz, Australian Radiation And Nuclear Safety Agency K-Hub
157 Rps3-Qa, Explanatory Q & A Guide To Rps3, Australian Radiation And Nuclear Safety Agency K-Hub
158 Russian Electricity Reform K-Hub
159 Safety In Electrical Testing At Work: General Guidance K-Hub
160 Safety In Electrical Testing: Products On Production Lines K-Hub
161 Safety In Electrical Testing: Servicing And Repair Of Audio, Tv And Computer Equipment K-Hub
162 Saving Electricity In A Hurry K-Hub
163 Saving Electricity In A Hurry - Chinese Version K-Hub
164 Scientist And Engineer'S Guide To Digital Signal Processing K-Hub
165 Sectoral Approaches In Electricity: Building Bridges To A Safe Climate K-Hub
166 Secure And Efficient Electricity Supply K-Hub
167 Security In Distributed, Grid, Mobile, And Pervasive Computing K-Hub
168 Semiconductor Devices: Theory And Application K-Hub
169 Separation Techniques Electroanalítica And Spectrochemical K-Hub
170 Separation, Electroanalytical And Spectrochemical Techniques K-Hub
171 Signals And Systems K-Hub
172 Silicon Based Thin Film Solar Cells K-Hub
173 Small-Signal Stability, Control And Dynamic Performance Of Power Systems K-Hub
174 Special Topics In Information Technology K-Hub
175 Strain-Engineered Mosfets K-Hub
176 Study And Implementation Of Image And Video Matting Techniques K-Hub
177 Study On Power Grid Interconnection And Electricity Trading In Northeast Asia K-Hub
178 Telecommunications Networks: Current Status And Future Trends K-Hub
179 The Application Of Hyperbolic Functions To Electrical Engineering Problems K-Hub
180 The Art Of Approximation In Science And Engineering K-Hub
181 To 1-1-691, Cleaning And Corrosion Prevention And Control, Aerospace And Non-Aerospace Equipment K-Hub
182 Ultrafast Optics Chapter 1 K-Hub
183 United States Navy Electricity And Electronics Training Series K-Hub
184 Ups Selection, Installation, And Maintenance, Dept. Of The Army K-Hub
185 Window Functions And Their Applications In Signal Processing K-Hub
S.No. National Journals Version
1 IEEMA : Electrical & Electronics Print
2 IETE Technical Review  Print
3 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Print
4 Bulletins of Materials Science Print
5 Current Science Print
6 IETE Journal of Research Print
7 IETE Journal of Education Print
8 Pramana Journal of Physics Print
9 Sadhana (Engineering Sciences) Print
10  Electrical India Print
11  Powerline Magazine Print