S.No. List of Journals & Magazines for Management Studies Version
National Journals
1 Indian Journal of Marketing Print
2 Economic And Political Weekly Print
3 Effective Executive Print
4 Journal of Financial Management & Analysis Print
5 Organizational Behavior Print
6 Human Capital Print
7 Journal of Science Technology and Management Print
8 Finance India Print
9 Khurushetra Print
10 Management Review Print
11 Marketing Management Print
12 Advanc'edge Mastering Business Acumen Print
13 Psychology and Developing Societies Print
14 Social Welfare Print
15 Dalal Street Investment Journal Print
16 Management Accountant Print
17 Indian Management Print
18 PSNA Journal of Business and System Print
19 Business World Print
20 Business India Print
21 Business Today Print
22 Outlook Money Print
23 Harvard Business Review Print
24 Corporate India Print
25 The Economist Print
26 India Today Print
27 Industrial Economist Print
28 Frontline Print
29 Sportstar Print
30 Outlook Print
S.No International Journals Package
1 AALL Spectrum Jgate
2 AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom Jgate
3 ABA bank marketing Jgate
4 Abbey Newsletter Jgate
5 Academy of Marketing Science Review Jgate
6 ACCORD : Occasional Papers Jgate
7 Accountancy Business and the Public Interest Jgate
8 Accountancy SA Jgate
9 Accounting Educators' Journal Jgate
10 Accounting Technology Jgate
11 Accounting Today Jgate
12 ACM SIGCHI Bulletin Jgate
13 ACM SIGecom Exchanges Jgate
14 ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies Jgate
15 Acta Geographica Slovenica Jgate
16 Acta Scientiarum: Human and Social Sciences Jgate
17 Acta Universitatis Danubius : Administratio Jgate
18 Acta Universitatis Danubius : Oeconomica Jgate
19 ADB Review Jgate
20 Addiction Treatment Forum Jgate
21 Adelaide Review Jgate
22 Administration and Management Review Jgate
23 Administrative & Regulatory Law News Jgate
24 Administrative Sciences Jgate
25 Adult Education and Development Jgate
26 Advances in Accounting, Finance and Economics Jgate
27 Advances in Applied Science Research Jgate
28 Advances in Cognitive Psychology Jgate
29 Advances in Decision Sciences Jgate
30 Advances in Environmental Sciences Jgate
31 Advances in Internet of Things Jgate
32 Advances in Management and Applied Economics Jgate
33 Advances in Psychology Jgate
34 Advances in Rehabilitation Jgate
35 Advances in Social Work Jgate
36 Advertising & Marketing Review Jgate
37 Advisor Today Jgate
38 Advocate Jgate
39 Advocates' Forum Jgate
40 AEGIS e-Journal Jgate
41 Africa Development Jgate
42 Africa Renewal Jgate
43 Africa Spectrum Jgate
44 Africa Update Jgate
45 African Journal of Accounting, Economics, Finance and Banking Research Jgate
46 African Journal of Business Ethics Jgate
47 African Journal of Business Management Jgate
48 African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies Jgate
49 African Journal of History and Culture Jgate
50 African Journal of Law and Criminology Jgate
51 African Journal of Marketing Management Jgate
52 African Journal of Political Science and International Relations Jgate
53 African Journal of Social Sciences Jgate
54 African Journal on Conflict Resolution Jgate
55 African Nebula Jgate
56 African Population Studies Jgate
57 African Studies Quarterly Jgate
58 Afroeuropa: Journal of Afroeuropean Studies Jgate
59 Aftermarket Business Jgate
60 Against the Current Jgate
61 Agathos: an International Review of the Humanities and Social Sciences Jgate
62 Agbioforum Jgate
63 AgExporter Jgate
64 AGORA International Journal of Juridical Sciences Jgate
65 Agora Trujillo Jgate
66 Ágora: Studies in Psychoanalytic Theory Jgate
67 AIIM E-DOC Magazine Jgate
68 Air Force Law Review Jgate
69 Airman Jgate
70 Airport Business Jgate
71 AIS Educator Journal Jgate
72 Akron Law Review Jgate
73 Akron Tax Journal Jgate
74 Alabama Law Review Jgate
75 Alaska Economic Trends Jgate
76 Alaska Journal of Commerce Jgate
77 Alaska Justice Forum Jgate
78 Albany Law Review Jgate
79 All Hands Jgate
80 Alliance for Children & Families Magazine Jgate
81 Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International Relations Jgate
82 American Academic Jgate
83 American Agent & Broker Jgate
84 American City & County Jgate
85 American Diplomacy Jgate
86 American Editor Jgate
87 American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research Jgate
88 American Journal of Business Education Jgate
89 American Journal of Economics and Business Administration Jgate
90 American Scholar Jgate
91 American University International Law Review Jgate
92 American University Law Review Jgate
93 AmeriQuests Jgate
94 Amfiteatru Economic Jgate
95 AMS Review Jgate
96 Amsterdam Law Forum Jgate
97 Anadolu University Journal of Social Sciences Jgate
98 Ankara Bar Review Jgate
99 Annales Instituti Archaeologici Jgate
100 Annales Universitatis Apulensis series Oeconomica Jgate
101 Annals of African Medicine Jgate
102 Annals of Dunarea de Jos University. Fascicle I : Economics and Applied Jgate
103 Annals of Economics and Finance Jgate
104 Annals of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Jgate
105 Annals of Library and Information Studies Jgate
106 Annals of Psychology Jgate
107 Annals of the Stefan cel Mare University Suceava Jgate
108 Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science Series Jgate
109 Annals of the University of Petrosani: Economics Jgate
110 Annual Survey of International & Comparative Law Jgate
111 Anpere: Anthropological Perspectives on Religion Jgate
112 AntePodium Jgate
113 Anthropoetics Jgate
114 Anthropologica del Departamento de Ciencias Sociales Jgate
115 Anthropological Notebooks Jgate
116 Anthropological Science Jgate
117 Anthropologist Jgate
118 Anthropology Jgate
119 Anthropology Matters Journal Jgate
120 Anthropology of East Europe Review Jgate
121 Anthropology of Food Jgate
122 Antropo Jgate
123 Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice Jgate
124 Appliederivatives.com Jgate
125 Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review Jgate
126 Arbutus Review Jgate
127 Archaeology Jgate
128 Archives of Public Health Jgate
129 Area Development Jgate
130 Ariadne Jgate
131 Arizona Law Review Jgate
132 Arkeotek Journal Jgate
133 Armed Forces Journal Jgate
134 Arms Control Today Jgate
135 Army Jgate
136 Army Sustainment Jgate
137 Army/Navy Store and Outdoor Merchandiser Jgate
138 ASCI Journal of Management Jgate
139 Asia Journal of Global Studies Jgate
140 Asia Pacific Journal of Finance and Banking Jgate
141 Asia Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance Jgate
142 Asia Pacific Journal of Social Science Jgate
143 Asia Pacific: Perspectives Jgate
144 Asia Policy Jgate
145 Asian Academy of Management Journal Jgate
146 Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance Jgate
147 Asian Analysis Jgate
148 Asian Arts Jgate
149 Asian Development Review Jgate
150 Asian Economic and Financial Review Jgate
151 Asian Journal of Business and Management Sciences Jgate
152 Asian Journal of Business Management Jgate
153 Asian Journal of Crop Science Jgate
154 Asian Journal of Epidemiology Jgate
155 Asian Journal of Experimental Sciences Jgate
156 Asian Journal of Finance & Accounting Jgate
157 Asian Journal of International Law Jgate
158 Asian Journal of Management Research Jgate
159 Asian Journal of Marketing Jgate
160 Asian Journal of Public Affairs Jgate
161 Asian Social Science Jgate
162 Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal Jgate
163 Asia-Pacific Development Journal Jgate
164 Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics Jgate
165 Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development Jgate
166 Asia-Pacific Journal of Social Sciences Jgate
167 Asia-Pacific Population Journal Jgate
168 Asia-Pacific Psychiatry Jgate
169 Asia-Pacific Social Science Review Jgate
170 ASIL Insights Jgate
171 ASIP Bulletin Jgate
172 Asphalt Contractor Jgate
173 Assemblage Jgate
174 Associates Jgate
175 Association Meetings Jgate
176 ASTM Standardization News Jgate
177 Athenea Digital Jgate
178 Atlanta Business Chronicle Jgate
179 AUCO Czech Economic Review Jgate
180 Aurora Jgate
181 Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal Jgate
182 Australasian Journal of Victorian Studies Jgate
183 Australasian Marketing Journal Jgate
184 Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal Jgate
185 Australian Commodities Jgate
186 Australian Community Psychologist Jgate
187 Australian Defence Force Journal Jgate
188 Australian Journal of Business and Management Research Jgate
189 Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology Jgate
190 Australian Journal of Gender and Law Jgate
191 Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies Jgate
192 Automatic Merchandiser Jgate
193 Automation World Jgate
194 Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors Jgate
195 Azerbaijan Focus-Journal of International Affairs Jgate
196 B Sides Jgate
197 B>Quest Jgate
198 Backbone Jgate
199 Backgrounder - C. D. Howe Institute Jgate
200 Bad Subjects Jgate
201 Baltic Journal of Economics Jgate
202 Baltic Security and Defence Review Jgate
203 Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology Jgate
204 Bank Director Jgate
205 Bank of Canada Review Jgate
206 Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin Jgate
207 Bank of Valletta Review Jgate
208 Bank Technology News Jgate
209 Banking and Finance Review Jgate
210 Baylor Business Review Jgate
211 Behavior Analyst Today Jgate
212 Behavior and Social Issues Jgate
213 Behavioral and Brain Functions Jgate
214 Behavioral Healthcare Jgate
215 Behavioral Sciences Jgate
216 Beijing Law Review Jgate
217 Beijing Review Jgate
218 Belphegor Jgate
219 Bench & Bar of Minnesota Jgate
220 Berkeley Journal of International Law Jgate
221 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Jgate
222 Between the Species Jgate
223 BID: Texts universitaris of librarianship and Documentation Jgate
224 Bilgi Dünyasý Jgate
225 Biltoki Jgate
226 BIOINFO Business Economics Jgate
227 BIOINFO Business Management Jgate
228 BIOINFO Sociology Jgate
229 Biolinguistics Jgate
230 Biomedical Digital Libraries Jgate
231 Biopolicy Journal Jgate
232 BioPsychoSocial Medicine Jgate
233 Boating Industry International Jgate
234 Bodhi: An Interdisciplinary Journal Jgate
235 Body Positive Jgate
236 Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs Jgate
237 Bombay Hospital Journal Jgate
238 Bond Law Review Jgate
239 Boston College Law Review Jgate
240 Boston Review Jgate
241 Boston University International Law Journal Jgate
242 Boston University Law Review Jgate
243 Brains, Minds & Media Jgate
244 BRAND : Broad Research in Accounting, Negotiation, and Distribution Jgate
245 Brazilian Administration Review Jgate
246 Brazilian Business Review Jgate
247 Brazilian Finance Review Jgate
248 Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management Jgate
249 Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy Jgate
250 Brazilian Journalism Research Jgate
251 Brazilian Marketing Journal Jgate
252 Brazilian Political Science Review Jgate
253 Brigham Young University Law Review Jgate
254 British Archaeology Jgate
255 Broker Magazine Jgate
256 Brooklyn Journal of International Law Jgate
257 Brussels Studies Jgate
258 Bryn Mawr Classical Review Jgate
259 Buffalo Law Review Jgate
260 Building Operating Management Jgate
261 Bulletin of Experimental Treatments for AIDS Jgate
262 Bulletin of Italian Politics Jgate
263 Bulletin of Statistics Jgate
264 Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology Jgate
265 BuR : Business Research Jgate
266 Business & Economic Review Jgate
267 Business . Jgate
268 Business and Economic History On-Line Jgate
269 Business and Economic Horizons Jgate
270 Business and Economics Research Journal Jgate
271 Business and Management Review Jgate
272 Business and Social Sciences Review Jgate
273 Business Communications Review Jgate
274 Business Education & Accreditation Jgate
275 Business History Review Jgate
276 Business Intelligence Journal Jgate
277 Business Law Today Jgate
278 Business Leader Jgate
279 Business Management and Strategy Jgate
280 Business Performance Management Jgate
281 Business Review - Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Jgate
282 Business to Business Magazine Jgate
283 CA Magazine Jgate
284 Caderno CRH Jgate
285 Cadernos Cedes Jgate
286 Cadernos Pagu Jgate
287 Cadmus Jgate
288 California Bar Journal Jgate
289 California Law Review Jgate
290 California Western Law Review Jgate
291 CAmagazine Jgate
292 Cambridge Medicine Jgate
293 Campbell Law Review Jgate
294 Campus Technology Jgate
295 Canadian Banker Jgate
296 Canadian Investment Review Jgate
297 Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue Canadienne des Études Jgate
298 Canadian Journal of Media Studies Jgate
299 Canadian Journal of Native Studies Jgate
300 Canadian Journal of Sociology Jgate
301 Canadian Military Journal Jgate
302 Canadian Online Journal of Queer Studies in Education Jgate
303 Canadian Parliamentary Review Jgate
304 Canadian Political Science Review Jgate
305 Canadian Review of Policing Research Jgate
306 Canadian Social Science Jgate
307 Canadian Social Studies Jgate
308 Canadian Social Trends Jgate
309 Canadian Studies in Population Jgate
310 Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science Jgate
311 Canadian Underwriter Jgate
312 Candy Industry Jgate
313 Capabilities Jgate
314 Capítulo Criminológico Jgate
315 Caravan Jgate
316 Cardiac Cath Lab Director Jgate
317 Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal Jgate
318 Cardozo Law Review Jgate
319 Caribbean Journal of Philosophy Jgate
320 Caribbean Journal of Science Jgate
321 Case Reports in Psychiatry Jgate
322 Case Studies in Business, Industry and Government Statistics Jgate
323 Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law Jgate
324 Casual Living Jgate
325 Catalog Success Jgate
326 Catholic Social Science Review Jgate
327 Cato Journal Jgate
328 Cato Supreme Court Review Jgate
329 Caucasian Review of International Affairs Jgate
330 Cave Archaeology and Palaeontology Research Archive Jgate
331 Central Bank Review Jgate
332 Central Eurasian Studies Review Jgate
333 Central European Journal of International and Security Studies Jgate
334 Central European Journal of Public Policy Jgate
335 CES Working Papers Jgate
336 CESifo Forum Jgate
337 CEU Political Science Journal Jgate
338 CFO Asia Jgate
339 CFO Magazine Jgate
340 Chain Leader Jgate
341 Champ pénal Jgate
342 Chief Learning Officer Jgate
343 Childhood in Africa: An Interdisciplinary Journal Jgate
344 Chimera Jgate
345 China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly Jgate
346 China Journal of Accounting Research Jgate
347 China Media Research Jgate
348 China Review Jgate
349 Chinese Librarianship Jgate
350 Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies Jgate
351 Chungará Jgate
352 Ciência da Informação Jgate
353 Ciencia, Docencia y Tecnologia Jgate
354 Cinta de Moebio: Revista Electronica de Epistemologia de Ciencias Sociales Jgate
355 Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large Jgate
356 City & Time Jgate
357 Cityscape Jgate
358 Civitas Jgate
359 Cleveland State Law Review Jgate
360 Climate Change Economics Jgate
361 CodeLib Journal Jgate
362 CODESRIA Bulletin Jgate
363 Codex: the Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL Jgate
364 Collaborative Librarianship Jgate
365 College of St. Elizabeth Journal of the Behavioral Sciences Jgate
366 Collegium : Studies across disciplines in the humanities and social sciences Jgate
367 Collegium Antropologicum Jgate
368 Coloradobiz Jgate
369 Columbia Human Rights Law Review Jgate
370 Columbia Journal Jgate
371 Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems Jgate
372 Columbia Journalism Review Jgate
373 Columbia Law Review Jgate
374 Columbia Science and Technology Law Review Jgate
375 Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal Jgate
376 Commercial Investment Real Estate Jgate
377 Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance Jgate
378 Communications of the IBIMA Jgate
379 Communities and Banking Jgate
380 Community Dividend Jgate
381 Comparative Economic Research Jgate
382 Comparative Law Review Jgate
383 Compensation and Working Conditions Jgate
384 Complexity International Jgate
385 Computers in Higher Education Economics Review Jgate
386 Conflict & Communication Online Jgate
387 Conflict Trends Magazine Jgate
388 Connecticut Insurance Law Journal Jgate
389 Connecticut Law Review Jgate
390 Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal Jgate
391 Conservative Judaism Jgate
392 Construction Distribution Jgate
393 Contabilidade Vista & Revista Jgate
394 Contemporary Issues and Ideas in Social Sciences Jgate
395 Contemporary Management Research Jgate
396 Contemporary Marketing Review Jgate
397 Continental Journal of Social Sciences Jgate
398 Contingencies Jgate
399 Contract Manufacturing & Packaging Jgate
400 Contracting Business Jgate
401 Contracting Profits Jgate
402 Contretemps Jgate
403 Convenience Store Decisions Jgate
404 Cooperator Jgate
405 Coordinates: Series A Jgate
406 Coordinates: Series B Jgate
407 Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies Jgate
408 Copyright Bulletin Jgate
409 Cornell Law Review Jgate
410 Corporate Counsel Magazine Jgate
411 Corporate Governance Jgate
412 Corporate Governance eJournal Jgate
413 Corporate Logo.com Jgate
414 Corporate Meetings & Incentives Jgate
415 Corrections Technology & Management Jgate
416 Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Jgate
417 Cosmos and History Jgate
418 Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation Jgate
419 CPA Journal Jgate
420 CPA Technology Advisor Jgate
421 Craft+Design Enquiry Jgate
422 Crimes and Misdemeanours; Deviance and the Law in Historical Perspective Jgate
423 Critical Care Nurse Jgate
424 Critical Disability Discourse Jgate
425 Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Jgate
426 Critical Social Work Jgate
427 Critical Studies in Improvisation Jgate
428 Critical Theory and Social Justice Jgate
429 Croatian Review of Rehabilitation Research Jgate
430 Cross-cultural Communication Jgate
431 Crossroads: The ASA journal Jgate
432 CSO Jgate
433 Ctheory Jgate
434 Cuadernos de Administración’s Jgate
435 Cuadernos de Economía Jgate
436 Cuadernos de Economia y Direccion de la Empresa Jgate
437 Cuizine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures Jgate
438 Cultivate Interactive Jgate
439 Cultural Logic Jgate
440 Cultural Survival Quarterly Jgate
441 Cultural Survival Voices Jgate
442 Culture and Society : Journal of Social Research Jgate
443 Cumhuriyet Universitesi Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences Jgate
444 Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin Jgate
445 Cuneiform Digital Library Journal Jgate
446 Current Issues in Auditing Jgate
447 Current Issues in Comparative Education Jgate
448 Current Issues in Education Jgate
449 Current Issues of Business and Law Jgate
450 Current Psychology Letters: Behaviour, Brain & Cognition Jgate
451 Current Research in Social Psychology Jgate
452 Current Research Journal of Economic Theory Jgate
453 Current Research Journal of Social Science Jgate
454 Currents : New Scholarship in the Human Services Jgate
455 Customer Relationship Management Magazine Jgate
456 Cybrarians Journal Jgate
457 Cyprus Journal of Sciences Jgate
458 Czech Journal of Economics and Finance Jgate
459 Czech Sociological Review Jgate
460 Dados: Revista de Ciências Sociais Jgate
461 Dalhousie Journal of Interdisciplinary Management Jgate
462 DAV Magazine Jgate
463 Deakin Law Review Jgate
464 Defence & Security Alert Jgate
465 Defence & Strategy Jgate
466 Defence S&T Technical Bulletin Jgate
467 Defense Acquisition Review Journal Jgate
468 Defense AT&L Jgate
469 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law Jgate
470 Delaware Review of Latin American Studies Jgate
471 Democracy & Education Jgate
472 Democracy: A Journal of Ideas Jgate
473 Democratic Left Jgate
474 Demographic Research Jgate
475 Denver University Law Review Jgate
476 Design and Culture Jgate
477 Design/Build Business Jgate
478 Development Express Jgate
479 Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology Jgate
480 Dialogue Jgate
481 Digital Culture & Education Jgate
482 Digital Technology Law Journal Jgate
483 Disability Studies Quarterly Jgate
484 Disability World Jgate
485 Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development Jgate
486 DISAM Journal Jgate
487 Disarmament Forum Jgate
488 Discourse Analysis Online Jgate
489 DISP Journal Jgate
490 District Administration Jgate
491 D-Lib Magazine Jgate
492 DLSU Business & Economics Review Jgate
493 DM Review Jgate
494 Document Manager Jgate
495 Dogus University Journal Jgate
496 Dubrovnik Annals Jgate
497 Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum Jgate
498 Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law Jgate
499 Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy Jgate
500 Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy Jgate
501 Duke Law Journal Jgate
502 Durham Anthropology Journal Jgate
503 Dusunen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences Jgate
504 Dynamical Psychology Jgate
505 E Law: Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law Jgate
506 Eä – Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Jgate
507 Early Childhood Research & Practice Jgate
508 East Asian Pastoral Review Jgate
509 Eastern European Countryside Jgate
510 Eastern Journal of European Studies Jgate
511 E-BANGI:Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Jgate
512 EBS Review Jgate
513 Econ Journal Watch Jgate
514 Economia : Seria Management Jgate
515 Economia Aplicada Jgate
516 Economia e Sociedade Jgate
517 Economic Analysis and Policy Jgate
518 Economic Analysis of Law Review Jgate
519 Economic Analysis Review/Revista de Análisis Económico Jgate
520 Economic and Financial Policy Review Jgate
521 Economic and Social Review Jgate
522 Economic Annals Jgate
523 Economic Bulletin Jgate
524 Economic Policy Review Jgate
525 Economic Reform Feature Service Jgate
526 Economic Trends Jgate
527 Economics Jgate
528 Economics and Business Jgate
529 Economics and Finance Review Jgate
530 Economics and Organization of Enterprise Jgate
531 Economics Bulletin Jgate
532 Economics Research International Jgate
533 Economics,Management and Financial Markets Jgate
534 Economy Informatics Jgate
535 Economy Transdisciplinarity Cognition Jgate
536 EconSouth Jgate
537 Edification: the Transdisciplinary Journal of Christian Psychology Jgate
538 Educar em Revista Jgate
539 Edutopia Jgate
540 Edwardsville Journal of Sociology Jgate
541 EIPAscope Jgate
542 EJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government Jgate
543 E-Journal of Organizational Learning and Leadership Jgate
544 eJournal of Tax Research Jgate
545 Ejournalist: A Refereed Media Journal Jgate
546 eJOV Jgate
547 Electronic British Library Journal Jgate
548 Electronic International Journal of Time Use Research Jgate
549 Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship Jgate
550 Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods Jgate
551 Electronic Journal of Comparative Law Jgate
552 Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies Jgate
553 Electronic Journal of e-Government Jgate
554 Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality Jgate
555 Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management Jgate
556 Electronic Journal of Radical Organization Theory Jgate
557 Electronic Journal of Sociology Jgate
558 Emerging Leadership Journeys Jgate
559 Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal Jgate
560 Emory International Law Review Jgate
561 Emory Law Journal Jgate
562 Encontros Bibli: revista eletrônica de Biblioteconomia e Ciência da Informação Jgate
563 Energy Law Journal Jgate
564 Enfoque: Reflexão Contábil Jgate
565 Engage Jgate
566 Engineering Economics Jgate
567 Engineering Enterprise Magazine Jgate
568 Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences Jgate
569 Entelequia, Revista Interdisciplinar Jgate
570 Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies Jgate
571 Entrepreneur International Magazine Jgate
572 Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal Jgate
573 Entropy Jgate
574 Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions Jgate
575 Ephemera Jgate
576 Epiphany Jgate
577 Epn: European Pensions and Investment News Jgate
578 Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics Jgate
579 Erasmus Law and Economics Review Jgate
580 ERCES Online Quarterly Review Jgate
581 Erivativesreview.com Jgate
582 Espacios Jgate
583 ESR Review Jgate
584 Essex Human Rights Review Jgate
585 Estey Centre Journal of International Law and Trade Policy Jgate
586 Estonian Journal of Archaeology Jgate
587 Estudios de Economía Jgate
588 Estudos Afro-Asiaticos Jgate
589 Estudos de Psicologia Jgate
590 Ethics & Global Politics Jgate
591 Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics Jgate
592 Ethiopian Journal of Education and Sciences Jgate
593 Ethnobotany Research and Applications Jgate
594 ETHOS: Dialogues in Philosophy and Social Sciences Jgate
595 EuroEconomica Jgate
596 European Affairs Jgate
597 European Integration Online Papers Jgate
598 European Integration Studies Jgate
599 European Journal Jgate
600 European Journal of American Studies Jgate
601 European Journal of Comparative Economics Jgate
602 European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences Jgate
603 European Journal of ePractice Jgate
604 European Journal of Finance and Banking Research Jgate
605 European Journal of Law and Technology Jgate
606 European Journal of Legal Studies Jgate
607 European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context Jgate
608 European Journal of Social Sciences Jgate
609 European Journal of Spatial Development Jgate
610 European Papers on the New Welfare Jgate
611 European Spatial Research and Policy Jgate
612 European Transport Research Review Jgate
613 Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Jgate
614 Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review Jgate
615 Evolutionary Psychology Jgate
616 Evropská volební studia Jgate
617 Exopolitics Journal Jgate
618 Experimental Medicine Jgate
619 Express Computer Jgate
620 Family Science Review Jgate
621 Far East Journal of Psychology and Business Jgate
622 Far Eastern University Communication Journal Jgate
623 Fast Capitalism Jgate
624 Fast Company Magazine Jgate
625 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Jgate
626 FDCC Quarterly Jgate
627 FDIC Quarterly Jgate
628 Federal Communications Law Journal Jgate
629 Federal Courts Law Review Jgate
630 Federal probation Jgate
631 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Economic Review Jgate
632 Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas Economic Review Jgate
633 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Economic Review Jgate
634 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review Jgate
635 Federal Reserve Bulletin Jgate
636 Fedgazette Jgate
637 Fides et Libertas Jgate
638 Field Actions Science Reports Jgate
639 Field Artillery Journal Jgate
640 FIEO News Jgate
641 Film & Video Jgate
642 Finance Jgate
643 Finance & Development Jgate
644 Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Today Jgate
645 Financial & Insurance Meetings Jgate
646 Financial Advisor Jgate
647 Financial Industry Perspectives Jgate
648 Financial Planning Jgate
649 Financial Reporting, Regulation and Governance Jgate
650 Financial Services Review Jgate
651 Financial Stability Review Jgate
652 Financial System Review Jgate
653 Financial Technology Bulletin Jgate
654 Financial Theory and Practice Jgate
655 Financial Update Jgate
656 Finnish Economic Papers Jgate
657 Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration Jgate
658 First Monday Jgate
659 First Peoples Child & Family Review Jgate
660 Fiscal Facts Jgate
661 Fixed Point Theory and Applications Jgate
662 Flinders Journal of History and Politics Jgate
663 Florida State University Law Review Jgate
664 Focus WTO Jgate
665 Folia Oeconomica Stetinensia Jgate
666 Food Engineering Jgate
667 Food in Canada Jgate
668 Food Logistics Jgate
669 Food Outlook Jgate
670 Footprint Jgate
671 Forced Migration Review Jgate
672 Fordham International Law Journal Jgate
673 Fordham Law Review Jgate
674 Foreign Service Journal Jgate
675 Forensic Science Communications Jgate
676 Forum: Qualitative Social Research Jgate
677 Foucault Studies Jgate
678 Fourth World Journal Jgate
679 Franchising World Jgate
680 Frazer Forum Jgate
681 Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience Jgate
682 Frontiers in Psychiatry Jgate
683 Frontiers in Psychology Jgate
684 Frontline Jgate
685 Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review Jgate
686 Genders Jgate
687 Genomics, Society and Policy Jgate
688 GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites Jgate
689 George Mason Law Review Jgate
690 George Washington International Law Review Jgate
691 George Washington law review Jgate
692 Georgetown Law Journal Jgate
693 Georgia State University Law Review Jgate
694 German Journal of Urban Studies Jgate
695 Global Cosmetic Industry Jgate
696 Global Finance Jgate
697 Global Focus Jgate
698 Global Issues Jgate
699 Global Journal of Business Excellence Jgate
700 Global Journal of Business Research Jgate
701 Global Journal of Finance and Banking Issues Jgate
702 Global Journal of International Business Research Jgate
703 Global Journalist Magazine Jgate
704 Global Labour Journal Jgate
705 Global Media Journal Jgate
706 Global Media Journal : African Edition Jgate
707 Global Media Journal : Australian Edition Jgate
708 Global Media Journal : Canadian Edition Jgate
709 Global Media Journal : Mediterranean Edition Jgate
710 Global Media Journal : Pakistan Edition Jgate
711 Global Media Journal : Turkish Edition Jgate
712 Global Perspectives on Accounting Education Jgate
713 Global Technoscan Jgate
714 Global Terrorism Analysis Jgate
715 Globality Studies Journal Jgate
716 Globalization Jgate
717 Goettingen Journal of International Law Jgate
718 Gold Bulletin Jgate
719 Golden Gate University Law Review Jgate
720 Gonzaga Journal of International Law Jgate
721 Göttingen Journal of International Law Jgate
722 Governing Jgate
723 Government Executive Jgate
724 Government Procurement Jgate
725 Government Standard Jgate
726 GPSolo Jgate
727 Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies Jgate
728 Graduate Journal of Social Science Jgate
729 Grassroots Editor Jgate
730 Graziadio Business Review Jgate
731 Greater Lansing Business Monthly Jgate
732 Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies Jgate
733 GreenMoneyJournal Jgate
734 Ground Support Maintenance Jgate
735 Guttmacher Policy Review Jgate
736 Hamburg Review of Social Sciences Jgate
737 Harvard Asia Quarterly Jgate
738 Harvard Business School Bulletin Jgate
739 Harvard Environmental Law Review Jgate
740 Harvard Journal of Hispanic policy Jgate
741 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy Jgate
742 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology Jgate
743 Harvard Journal of Law and Gender Jgate
744 Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law Jgate
745 Harvard Journal on Legislation Jgate
746 Harvard Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice Jgate
747 Harvard Law Review Jgate
748 Harvard Magazine Jgate
749 Harvard Negotiation Law Review Jgate
750 Hastings law Journal Jgate
751 Hawaii Business Jgate
752 HCDC Faculty Research Journal Jgate
753 Health Care Financing Review Jgate
754 Health Economics Review Jgate
755 Health Research Policy and Systems Jgate
756 Helsinki Charter Jgate
757 Heritage Language Journal Jgate
758 Himalayan Journal of Sociology and Anthropology Jgate
759 Historia, Ciencias, Saude - Manguinhos Jgate
760 Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal Jgate
761 Hofstra Law Review Jgate
762 Home Accents Today Jgate
763 Home Health Products Jgate
764 Homeland Security Affairs Jgate
765 Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics Jgate
766 Horizons Jgate
767 Horizontes Antropológicos Jgate
768 Hospital Jgate
769 Hotel Management Jgate
770 Hotels' Investment Outlook Jgate
771 Housekeeping Solutions Jgate
772 Housing Policy Debate Jgate
773 Houston Law Review Jgate
774 Houston Lawyer Jgate
775 Howard Law Journal Jgate
776 Human Geographies:Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography Jgate
777 Human Resources Outsourcing Europe Jgate
778 Human Rights Jgate
779 Human Rights & Human Welfare Jgate
780 Human Rights Brief Jgate
781 Human Security Journal Jgate
782 Human Technology Jgate
783 Humanidades Medicas Jgate
784 Humanitas Jgate
785 Humanity & Social Sciences Journal Jgate
786 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Jgate
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789 Ibero-American Strategy Journal Jgate
790 IBIMA Business Review Jgate
791 IBScientific Journal of Science Jgate
792 IBusiness Jgate
793 id insights Jgate
794 id: Information for Development Jgate
795 Idaho Librarian Jgate
796 Idaho Yesterdays Jgate
797 IDEA: A Journal of Social Issues Jgate
798 IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review Jgate
799 Ideas y Valores Jgate
800 IDEYA : Journal of the Humanities Jgate
801 IIC Monthly Newsletter Jgate
802 IIMB Management Review Jgate
803 ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law Jgate
804 IMF Research Bulletin Jgate
805 IMF Survey Jgate
806 Inbound Logistics Jgate
807 inCite Jgate
808 Indian Defence Review Jgate
809 Indian Folklife Jgate
810 Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies Jgate
811 Indian Journal of Human Development Jgate
812 Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy Jgate
813 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Jgate
814 Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Jgate
815 Indian Journal of Secularism Jgate
816 Indian Journal of Social Science Researches Jgate
817 Indian Streams Research Journal Jgate
818 Indian Textile Journal Jgate
819 Indiana Business Review Jgate
820 Indiana Law Journal Jgate
821 Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology Jgate
822 Indus Journal of Management & Social Sciences Jgate
823 Industrial Economist Jgate
824 Industrial Geographer Jgate
825 Industrial Management Jgate
826 Industrial Marketing & Purchasing Journal Jgate
827 Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Jgate
828 Industry Week Jgate
829 Informacion, Cultura y Sociedad Jgate
830 Informatics Jgate
831 Information Bulletin for Librarians Jgate
832 Information for Social Change Jgate
833 Information Scotland Jgate
834 Information Technology and Disabilities Jgate
835 Information Technology Newsletter Jgate
836 Information World Jgate
837 Informationweek Jgate
838 Informing Science Jgate
839 Inside Self-Storage Jgate
840 Intangible Capital Jgate
841 Integral Review Jgate
842 Intellectual Discourse Jgate
843 Intelligent Information Management Jgate
844 InTensions Jgate
845 Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media Jgate
846 Inter Faculty Jgate
847 Interações Jgate
848 Interciencia Jgate
849 Intercollegiate Review Jgate
850 Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems Jgate
851 Interdisciplinary Ejournal Jgate
852 Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business Jgate
853 Interdisciplinary Journal of NTT Development Studies Jgate
854 Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning Jgate
855 Interdisciplinary Journal of Research in Business Jgate
856 Interdisciplinary Political Studies Jgate
857 Interface Jgate
858 Interface: A Journal for and About Social Movements Jgate
859 Interior Design Jgate
860 International Black Sea University Scientific Journal Jgate
861 International Bulletin of Political Psychology Jgate
862 International Business & Economics Research Journal Jgate
863 International Business and Management Jgate
864 International Business Management Jgate
865 International Business Research Jgate
866 International Data Privacy Law Jgate
867 International Education Journal Jgate
868 International Free and Open Source Software Law Review Jgate
869 International Indigenous Policy Journal Jgate
870 International Journal for Court Administration Jgate
871 International Journal of Academic Research in Business & Social Sciences Jgate
872 International Journal of Ageing and Later Life Jgate
873 International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Jgate
874 International Journal of Applied Econometrics and Quantitative Studies Jgate
875 International Journal of Applied Economics Jgate
876 International Journal of Applied Economics and Finance Jgate
877 International Journal of Asia-Pacific studies Jgate
878 International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy Jgate
879 International Journal of BioSciences, Psychiatry and Technology Jgate
880 International Journal of Business Administration Jgate
881 International Journal of Business and Economics Jgate
882 International Journal of Business and Finance Research Jgate
883 International Journal of Business and Information Jgate
884 International Journal of Business and Management Jgate
885 International Journal of Business and Management Studies Jgate
886 International Journal of Business Research and Management Jgate
887 International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management Jgate
888 International Journal of Business, Economics, Finance and Management Jgate
889 International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies Jgate
890 International Journal of Childbirth Education Jgate
891 International Journal of Circumpolar Health Jgate
892 International Journal of Civil Society Law Jgate
893 International Journal of Communications Law and Policy Jgate
894 International Journal of Community Currency Research Jgate
895 International Journal of Community Music Jgate
896 International Journal of Comparative Psychology Jgate
897 International Journal of Complexity in Leadership and Management Jgate
898 International Journal of Computational Engineering and Management Jgate
899 International Journal of Conflict and Violence Jgate
900 International Journal of Contemporary Business Studies Jgate
901 International Journal of Criminal Investigation Jgate
902 International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences Jgate
903 International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory Jgate
904 International Journal of Cuban Studies Jgate
905 International Journal of Defense Acquisition Management Jgate
906 International Journal of Digital Accounting Research Jgate
907 International Journal of Digital Curation Jgate
908 International Journal of Digital Evidence Jgate
909 International Journal of Disability, Community & Rehabilitation Jgate
910 International Journal of eBusiness and eGovernment Studies Jgate
911 International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories Jgate
912 International Journal of Economic Sciences and Applied Research Jgate
913 International Journal of Economics and Administrative Studies Jgate
914 International Journal of Economics and Business Modeling Jgate
915 International Journal of Economics and Finance Jgate
916 International Journal of Economics and Finance Studies Jgate
917 International Journal of Economics and Research Jgate
918 International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies Jgate
919 International Journal of Educational and Psychological Assessment Jgate
920 International Journal of Educational Technology Jgate
921 International Journal of Electrochemical Science Jgate
922 International Journal of Electronic Business Management Jgate
923 International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society Jgate
924 International Journal of Enterprise Computing and Business Systems Jgate
925 International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies Jgate
926 International Journal of Event Management Research Jgate
927 International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring Jgate
928 International Journal of Financial Research Jgate
929 International Journal of Frontier Missions Jgate
930 International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology Jgate
931 International Journal of Government Auditing Jgate
932 International Journal of Human Genetics Jgate
933 International Journal of Human Resource Studies Jgate
934 International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Jgate
935 International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Jgate
936 International Journal of Humanity and Social Sciences Jgate
937 International Journal of inclusive Democracy Jgate
938 International Journal of Innovation Jgate
939 International Journal of Integrative Psychotherapy Jgate
940 International Journal of Intellectual Property: Law, Economy and Management Jgate
941 International Journal of Knowledge and Research in Management and E- Jgate
942 International Journal of Leadership Studies Jgate
943 International Journal of Lean Thinking Jgate
944 International Journal of Legal Information Jgate
945 International Journal of Library and Information Science Jgate
946 International Journal of Management & Business Studies Jgate
947 International Journal of Management Education Jgate
948 International Journal of Management Innovation Systems Jgate
949 International Journal of Management Perspectives Jgate
950 International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management Jgate
951 International Journal of Managing Value and Supply Chains Jgate
952 International Journal of Managment, IT and Engineering Jgate
953 International Journal of Marketing Studies Jgate
954 International Journal of Mass Emergencies & Disasters Jgate
955 International Journal of Microsimulation Jgate
956 International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care Jgate
957 International Journal of Modelling in Operations Management Jgate
958 International Journal of Naval History Jgate
959 International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law Jgate
960 International Journal of Organisational Behaviour Jgate
961 International Journal of Organizational Innovation Jgate
962 International Journal of Peace and Development Studies Jgate
963 International Journal of Peer to Peer Networks Jgate
964 International Journal of Peptides Jgate
965 International Journal of Population Research Jgate
966 International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Jgate
967 International Journal of Public Information Systems Jgate
968 International Journal of Research and Review Jgate
969 International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management Jgate
970 International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics & Management Jgate
971 International Journal of Research in Commerce, IT & Management Jgate
972 International Journal of Research in Social Sciences Jgate
973 International Journal of Research Studies in Management Jgate
974 International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Jgate
975 International Journal of Social Inquiry Jgate
976 International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology Jgate
977 International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food Jgate
978 International Journal of South Asian Studies Jgate
979 International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research Jgate
980 International Journal of Special Libraries Jgate
981 International Journal of Strategic Cost Management Jgate
982 International Journal of the Commons Jgate
983 International Journal of Transdisciplinary Research Jgate
984 International Journal of u- and e- Service, Science and Technology Jgate
985 International Journal of Vocational and Technical Education Jgate
986 International Journal of Wellbeing Jgate
987 International Journal of Yoga Jgate
988 International Journal on Food System Dynamics Jgate
989 International Journal on World Peace Jgate
990 Iranian Journal of Management Studies Jgate
991 Issues in Political Economy Jgate
992 Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Jgate
993 Issues of Democracy Jgate
994 IT & Society Jgate
995 Italian Journal of Library and Information Science Jgate
996 Italian Labour Law E-journal Jgate
997 Items & Issues Jgate
998 Ius et Praxis Jgate
999 Ivey Business Journal Jgate
1000 Jahr Jgate
1001 Janus Head Jgate
1002 Japan Labor Bulletin Jgate
1003 Japan Labor Review Jgate
1004 Japan Railway & Transport Review Jgate
1005 Japanese Journal of Animal Psychology Jgate
1006 Japanese Journal of Behaviormetrics Jgate
1007 Japanese Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Jgate
1008 Japanese Journal of Family Sociology Jgate
1009 Japanese Journal of Personality Jgate
1010 Japanese Journal of Population Jgate
1011 Jazz Inside NY Magazine Jgate
1012 Jebat:Malaysian Journal of History, Politics and Strategic Studies Jgate
1013 Jerusalem Quarterly Jgate
1014 Jewish Political Studies Review Jgate
1015 Journal for Crime, Conflict and Media Culture Jgate
1016 Journal for Critical Animal Studies Jgate
1017 Journal for New Generation Sciences Jgate
1018 Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology Jgate
1019 Journal of / Studies Jgate
1020 Journal of Academic and Business Ethics Jgate
1021 Journal of Accountancy Jgate
1022 Journal of Accounting and Taxation Jgate
1023 Journal of Accounting, Taxation and Performance Evaluation Jgate
1024 Journal of Administration & Governance Jgate
1025 Journal of African Real Estate Research Jgate
1026 Journal of African Studies and Development Jgate
1027 Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences Jgate
1028 Journal of Anthropology Jgate
1029 Journal of Applied Economics Jgate
1030 Journal of Applied Economics and Policy Jgate
1031 Journal of Applied Finance and Banking Jgate
1032 Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries Jgate
1033 Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation Jgate
1034 Journal of Asia Pacific Studies Jgate
1035 Journal of Australian Political Economy Jgate
1036 Journal of Authentic Learning Jgate
1037 Journal of Backcountry Studies Jgate
1038 Journal of Behavior Analysis of Offender and Victim - Treatment and Jgate
1039 Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management Jgate
1040 Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science Jgate
1041 Journal of Behavioral Health & Medicine Jgate
1042 Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business Jgate
1043 Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis Jgate
1044 Journal of Bhutan Studies Jgate
1045 Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership Jgate
1046 Journal of Biblical Studies Jgate
1047 Journal of Biomedical Science Jgate
1048 Journal of Black Sea Studies Jgate
1049 Journal of Buddhist Ethics Jgate
1050 Journal of Business & Economics Research Jgate
1051 Journal of Business Administration Jgate
1052 Journal of Business and Administrative Studies Jgate
1053 Journal of Business and Management Jgate
1054 Journal of Business and Public Affairs Jgate
1055 Journal of Business and Public Policy Jgate
1056 Journal of Business Case Studies Jgate
1057 Journal of Business Cases and Applications Jgate
1058 Journal of Business Chemistry Jgate
1059 Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies Jgate
1060 Journal of Business in Developing Nations Jgate
1061 Journal of Business Inquiry: Research, Education, and Application Jgate
1062 Journal of Business Research Jgate
1063 Journal of Business Studies Quarterly Jgate
1064 Journal of Business Systems, Governance and Ethics Jgate
1065 Journal of Business, Finance and Economics in Emerging Economies Jgate
1066 Journal of Caribbean Archaeology Jgate
1067 Journal of Case Research in Business and Economics Jgate
1068 Journal of Cognitive Affective Learning Jgate
1069 Journal of Commerce Jgate
1070 Journal of Communication Studies Jgate
1071 Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management Jgate
1072 Journal of Competitiveness Jgate
1073 Journal of Conflictology Jgate
1074 Journal of Contemporary Anthropology Jgate
1075 Journal of Contemporary European Research Jgate
1076 Journal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology Jgate
1077 Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture Jgate
1078 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology Jgate
1079 Journal of Criminal Psychology Jgate
1080 Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies Jgate
1081 Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Jgate
1082 Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Jgate
1083 Journal of Defense Resources Management Jgate
1084 Journal of Dissertation Jgate
1085 Journal of Diversity Management Jgate
1086 Journal of Economic and Social Policy Jgate
1087 Journal of Economic and Social Research Jgate
1088 Journal of Economic Development Jgate
1089 Journal of Economics and Engineering Jgate
1090 Journal of Economics and Finance Education Jgate
1091 Journal of Economics and International Finance Jgate
1092 Journal of Education for International Development Jgate
1093 Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences Jgate
1094 Journal of E-Government Studies and Best Practices Jgate
1095 Journal of Electronic Commerce Research Jgate
1096 Journal of Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Markets Jgate
1097 Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences Jgate
1098 Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies Jgate
1099 Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science Jgate
1100 Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy Jgate
1101 Journal of Ethics in Mental Health Jgate
1102 Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics Jgate
1103 Journal of Eurasian Studies Jgate
1104 Journal of European Psychology Students Jgate
1105 Journal of Finance and Accountancy Jgate
1106 Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning Jgate
1107 Journal of Financial Planning Jgate
1108 Journal of Geography and Regional Planning Jgate
1109 Journal of Global Analysis Jgate
1110 Journal of Global Mass Communication Jgate
1111 Journal of Global Social Work Practice Jgate
1112 Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement Jgate
1113 Journal of Home Economics of Japan Jgate
1114 Journal of Humanitarian Assistance Jgate
1115 Journal of Identity and Migration Studies Jgate
1116 Journal of Ideology Jgate
1117 Journal of Indonesian Social Sciences and Humanities Jgate
1118 Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Jgate
1119 Journal of Industrial Technology Jgate
1120 Journal of Infection in Developing Countries Jgate
1121 Journal of Information, Law & Technology Jgate
1122 Journal of Intellectual Property Jgate
1123 Journal of Intellectual Property Rights Jgate
1124 Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law Jgate
1125 Journal of Interactive Advertising Jgate
1126 Journal of Interdisciplinary Feminist Jgate
1127 Journal of International and Comparative Law Jgate
1128 Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies Jgate
1129 Journal of International Business and Economy Jgate
1130 Journal of International Business Disciplines Jgate
1131 Journal of International Commerce and Economics Jgate
1132 Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy Jgate
1133 Journal of International Commercial Law Jgate
1134 Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology Jgate
1135 Journal of International Education in Business Jgate
1136 Journal of International Human Rights Jgate
1137 Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies Jgate
1138 Journal of International Research Publications : Economy & Business Jgate
1139 Journal of International Social Research Jgate
1140 Journal of International Women's Studies Jgate
1141 Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce Jgate
1142 Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law Jgate
1143 Journal of Japan Association for Performance Excellence Online Jgate
1144 Journal of Japan Management Diagnosis Association Jgate
1145 Journal of Knowledge Management Practice Jgate
1146 Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology Jgate
1147 Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law Jgate
1148 Journal of Lao Studies Jgate
1149 Journal of Law & Health Jgate
1150 Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution Jgate
1151 Journal of Law and Family Studies Jgate
1152 Journal of Law and Policy Jgate
1153 Journal of Law, Ethics and Intellectual Property Jgate
1154 Journal of Learning Disabilities and Offending Behaviour Jgate
1155 Journal of Legal Analysis Jgate
1156 Journal of Legal Issues and Cases in Business Jgate
1157 Journal of Library & Information Studies Jgate
1158 Journal of Library and Information Science Jgate
1159 Journal of Library Innovation Jgate
1160 Journal of Logging & Sawmills: TimberWest Jgate
1161 Journal of Management and Economics Jgate
1162 Journal of Management and Marketing Research Jgate
1163 Journal of Management and Public Policy Jgate
1164 Journal of Management and Social Sciences Jgate
1165 Journal of Management and Strategy Jgate
1166 Journal of Management Practice Jgate
1167 Journal of Management Research Jgate
1168 Journal of Managerial Sciences Jgate
1169 Journal of Mathematical Finance Jgate
1170 Journal of Media Law & Ethics Jgate
1171 Journal of Media Sociology Jgate
1172 Journal of Medical Sciences Jgate
1173 Journal of Medicine and Rehabilitation Jgate
1174 Journal of Military and Strategic Studies Jgate
1175 Journal of Modern Turkish Studies Jgate
1176 Journal of Money, Investment and Banking Jgate
1177 Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation Jgate
1178 Journal of Mundane Behavior Jgate
1179 Journal of Nepalese Business Studies Jgate
1180 Journal of New Media & Culture Jgate
1181 Journal of Pan African Studies Jgate
1182 Journal of Pastoral Counseling Jgate
1183 Journal of Peacebuilding & Development Jgate
1184 Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law Jgate
1185 Journal of Political Ecology Jgate
1186 Journal of Politics and Law Jgate
1187 Journal of Politics in Latin America Jgate
1188 Journal of Population Research Jgate
1189 Journal of Project, Program & Portfolio Management Jgate
1190 Journal of Public Administration and Governance Jgate
1191 Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research Jgate
1192 Journal of Public Affairs Education Jgate
1193 Journal of Public and International Affairs Jgate
1194 Journal of Public Policy Administration and Law Jgate
1195 Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management Jgate
1196 Journal of Real Estate Research Jgate
1197 Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development Jgate
1198 Journal of Research for Consumers Jgate
1199 Journal of Research in International Business and Management Jgate
1200 Journal of Research in Rural Education Jgate
1201 Journal of Rural and Tropical Public Health Jgate
1202 Journal of Rural Community Psychology Jgate
1203 Journal of Rural Development/Nongchon-Gyeongje Jgate
1204 Journal of Rural Planning Association Jgate
1205 Journal of Science & Technology Law Jgate
1206 Journal of Science Communication Jgate
1207 Journal of Security Sector Management Jgate
1208 Journal of Service Science and Management Jgate
1209 Journal of Social and Development Sciences Jgate
1210 Journal of Social Inclusion Jgate
1211 Journal of Social Research & Policy Jgate
1212 Journal of Social Science Jgate
1213 Journal of Social Sciences Jgate
1214 Journal of Social Sciences Jgate
1215 Journal of Social Structure Jgate
1216 Journal of Social Work Theory & Practice Jgate
1217 Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics Jgate
1218 Journal of South Pacific Law Jgate
1219 Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation Jgate
1220 Journal of Speech - Language Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis Jgate
1221 Journal of Strategic Security Jgate
1222 Journal of Student Financial Aid Jgate
1223 Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa Jgate
1224 Journal of Technology Management & Innovation Jgate
1225 Journal of Technology Studies Jgate
1226 Journal of Textual Reasoning Jgate
1227 Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Jgate
1228 Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors Jgate
1229 Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association Jgate
1230 Journal of the Australian War Memorial Jgate
1231 Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association Jgate
1232 Journal of the Center for Families, Children & the Courts Jgate
1233 Journal of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries Jgate
1234 Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior Jgate
1235 Journal of the Institute of Justice & International Studies Jgate
1236 Journal of the Japan Society for Intellectual Production Jgate
1237 Journal of the Law Society of Scotland Jgate
1238 Journal of the Medical Library Association Jgate
1239 Journal of the Missouri Bar Jgate
1240 Journal of the Northern Renaissance Jgate
1241 Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research Jgate
1242 Journal of the Textile Association Jgate
1243 Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research Jgate
1244 Journal of Tort Law Jgate
1245 Journal of Transnational American Studies Jgate
1246 Journal of Transnational Law & Policy Jgate
1247 Journal of Transportation and Statistics Jgate
1248 Journal of University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka Jgate
1249 Journal of World-Systems Research Jgate
1250 Journal of Yasar University Jgate
1251 Journal on Chain and Network Science Jgate
1252 Journal on Developmental Disabilities Jgate
1253 Journal on Efficiency and Responsibility in Education and Science Jgate
1254 Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe Jgate
1255 Journal on Legislation Jgate
1256 Journal on Satisfiability, Boolean Modeling and Computation Jgate
1257 Jouvert Jgate
1258 JURA :Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis Jgate
1259 Juridica International Jgate
1260 Jury Expert Jgate
1261 Just Labour: A Canadian Journal of Work and Society Jgate
1262 Justice Policy Journal Jgate
1263 Kajian Malaysia Jgate
1264 Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy Jgate
1265 Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies Jgate
1266 KASBIT Business Journal Jgate
1267 KB Journal Jgate
1268 KEDI Journal of Educational Policy Jgate
1269 Kino:The Western Undergraduate Journal of Film Studies Jgate
1270 Kitchen & Bath Design News Jgate
1271 Knowledge Ecology Studies Jgate
1272 Knowledge Politics Quarterly Jgate
1273 Konturen Jgate
1274 Korea Focus Jgate
1275 Kôtuitui : New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online Jgate
1276 Kyiv-Mohyla Journal Jgate
1277 Kyoto Economic Review Jgate
1278 La Revue LISA Jgate
1279 Labour File Jgate
1280 Lahore Journal of Economics Jgate
1281 Land Bank Journal Jgate
1282 Language in India Jgate
1283 Larnet:The Cyber Journal of Applied Leisure and Recreation Research Jgate
1284 Latin Trade Jgate
1285 Law and Contemporary Problems Jgate
1286 Law Firm Inc. Jgate
1287 Law Library Journal Jgate
1288 Law Practice Today Jgate
1289 Law Times Jgate
1290 Law, Democracy & Development Jgate
1291 Law, Environment and Development Journal Jgate
1292 Law, Social Justice & Global Development Jgate
1293 Lawyer Jgate
1294 LBJ Journal of Public Affairs Jgate
1295 Lecturas de Economía Jgate
1296 Ledger Jgate
1297 LEISA Magazine Jgate
1298 Lewis & Clark Law Review Jgate
1299 Lex Et Scientia Jgate
1300 LIBER Quarterly Jgate
1301 Library Journal Jgate
1302 Library Leadership & Management Jgate
1303 Library of Congress Information Bulletin Jgate
1304 Library Philosophy and Practice Jgate
1305 Library Student Journal Jgate
1306 Libres Jgate
1307 License Jgate
1308 Life Span and Disability Jgate
1309 Limes Jgate
1310 Lines Jgate
1311 Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review Jgate
1312 Living Reviews in Democracy Jgate
1313 Living Reviews in European Governance Jgate
1314 Lodging Hospitality Jgate
1315 Logging and Sawmilling Journal Jgate
1316 Logistics Journal Jgate
1317 Long-Term Living Jgate
1318 Lore: Rhetoric, Writing, Culture Jgate
1319 Loyola Consumer Law Review Jgate
1320 Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review Jgate
1321 Loyola University Chicago Law Journal Jgate
1322 Lua Nova - Revista de Cultura e Política Jgate
1323 Lumina Jgate
1324 M & J Retail Jgate
1325 M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture Jgate
1326 M@n@gement Jgate
1327 Macquarie Journal of Business Law Jgate
1328 Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law Jgate
1329 Madras Law Journal Jgate
1330 Magallania Jgate
1331 Maine Community Banker Jgate
1332 Mana Jgate
1333 Management & Marketing Jgate
1334 Management & Marketing Jgate
1335 Management Accountant Jgate
1336 Management Focus Jgate
1337 Management Reseach and Practice Jgate
1338 Management Science and Engineering Jgate
1339 Management Science Letters Jgate
1340 Management Services Jgate
1341 Management, Procurement and Law Jgate
1342 Management: Journal of Contemporary Management Issues Jgate
1343 Managing Automation Jgate
1344 Managing Global Transitions: International Research Journal Jgate
1345 Manufacturing Business Technology Jgate
1346 Market Forces Jgate
1347 Marketing Bulletin Jgate
1348 Marketing Week Jgate
1349 Marketwise Magazine Jgate
1350 Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review Jgate
1351 Marquette Law Review Jgate
1352 Maryland Banker Jgate
1353 Maryland Law Review Jgate
1354 Mass High Tech Jgate
1355 Mass Transit Jgate
1356 Massachusetts Banker Jgate
1357 MassBuilder Jgate
1358 Material Handling Management Jgate
1359 MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship Jgate
1360 McKinsey Quarterly Jgate
1361 MediaTropes Jgate
1362 Medica Jadertina Jgate
1363 Medical Economics Jgate
1364 Medical Marketing & Media Jgate
1365 Medical Post Jgate
1366 MedieKultur Jgate
1367 Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences Jgate
1368 Megatrend Review Jgate
1369 Melbourne Journal of International Law Jgate
1370 Memoirs of Museum Victoria Jgate
1371 Memphis Business Journal Jgate
1372 Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal Jgate
1373 Meta: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, and Practical Philosophy Jgate
1374 Metal Center News Jgate
1375 Metal Industry Indicators Jgate
1376 Methodological Innovations Online Jgate
1377 Methodology Jgate
1378 Michigan Discussions in Anthropology Jgate
1379 Michigan Family Review Jgate
1380 Michigan Journal of Business Jgate
1381 Michigan Journal of Political Science Jgate
1382 Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review Jgate
1383 Micronesian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences Jgate
1384 Mid-America Commerce & Industry Jgate
1385 Middle Eastern Finance and Economics Jgate
1386 Military Law Review Jgate
1387 Military Review Jgate
1388 Mind & Brain, The Journal of Psychiatry Jgate
1389 Mind, Brain, and Education Jgate
1390 Minnesota Law Review Jgate
1391 Minnesota Technology Magazine Jgate
1392 Missouri Law Review Jgate
1393 Mizan Law Review Jgate
1394 MLA Forum Jgate
1395 Modern Age Jgate
1396 Modern Bulk Transporter Jgate
1397 Modern Economy Jgate
1398 Modern Economy Magazine Jgate
1399 Modern Management Jgate
1400 Modern Marketing Jgate
1401 Modern Rehabilitation Jgate
1402 Mokslo Taikomieji Tyrimai Lietuvos Kolegijose Jgate
1403 Money Jgate
1404 Money and Finance Jgate
1405 MoneySense Jgate
1406 Montana Lawyer Jgate
1407 Monthly Labor Review Online Jgate
1408 Morning Watch Jgate
1409 Mots Pluriels Jgate
1410 MountainRise Jgate
1411 Multichannel Merchant Jgate
1412 Multichannel News Jgate
1413 Multinational Finance Journal Jgate
1414 Multinational Monitor Jgate
1415 Museum and Society Jgate
1416 Music & Politics Jgate
1417 MX: Business Strategies for Medical Technology Executives Jgate
1418 NACS Magazine Jgate
1419 Namma Janapadaru Jgate
1420 National Black Law Journal Jgate
1421 National Cross Talk Jgate
1422 National Defense Jgate
1423 National Institute of Justice Journal Jgate
1424 National Interest Jgate
1425 National Library of Australia Gateways Jgate
1426 National Real Estate Investor Jgate
1427 NATO Review Jgate
1428 Naval History Jgate
1429 NEA Today Jgate
1430 Nebraska Lawyer Jgate
1431 Nebula Jgate
1432 NeoAmericanist Jgate
1433 Neurology, Neurophysiology and Neuroscience Jgate
1434 New Balkan Politics Jgate
1435 New England Economic Indicators Jgate
1436 New England Economic Review Jgate
1437 New Hampshire Bar Journal Jgate
1438 New Jersey Banker Jgate
1439 New Jersey CPA Jgate
1440 New Jersey History Jgate
1441 New Knowledge Environments Jgate
1442 New Leader Jgate
1443 New Life Journal Jgate
1444 New Perspectives On Political Economy Jgate
1445 New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry Jgate
1446 New Voices in Public Policy Jgate
1447 New York Economic Review Jgate
1448 New York University Annual Survey of American Law Jgate
1449 New York University Environmental Law Journal Jgate
1450 New York University Journal of Legislation and Public Policy Jgate
1451 New York University Law Review Jgate
1452 New Zealand Management Jgate
1453 New Zealand Sociology Jgate
1454 Nineteenth-Century Gender Jgate
1455 NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Policy Jgate
1456 NLA: Nebraska Library Association Quarterly Jgate
1457 No Foundations:Journal of Extreme Legal Positivism Jgate
1458 Nonprofit Review Jgate
1459 Nordic Journal of African Studies Jgate
1460 Nordic Journal of Commercial Law Jgate
1461 Nordic Notes Jgate
1462 Nordicom Review Jgate
1463 Nordicum-Mediterraneum Jgate
1464 North American Actuarial Journal Jgate
1465 North American Dialogue Jgate
1466 North American Journal of Finance and Banking Research Jgate
1467 North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology Jgate
1468 North Carolina Law Review Jgate
1469 North Carolina Libraries Online Jgate
1470 North Dakota Law Review Jgate
1471 North Star Jgate
1472 Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy Jgate
1473 Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property Jgate
1474 Northwestern University Law Review Jgate
1475 Nova Economia Jgate
1476 NUJS Law Review Jgate
1477 NYU Journal of Law And Business Jgate
1478 Observar Jgate
1479 Observatorio Jgate
1480 OC Metro Business Jgate
1481 Occasion Jgate
1482 Occasional Papers in Sociology and Anthropology Jgate
1483 Occupational Outlook Quarterly Jgate
1484 Oeconomics of Knowledge Jgate
1485 OEM Off-Highway Jgate
1486 Official Journal of the European Patent Office Jgate
1487 Ohio History Jgate
1488 Ohio State Law Journal Jgate
1489 Oklahoma Bar Journal Jgate
1490 Oklahoma Law Review Jgate
1491 Olsztyn Economic Journal Jgate
1492 OnEarth Jgate
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1494 Online Journal of International Case Analysis Jgate
1495 Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution Jgate
1496 Online Journalism Review Jgate
1497 Opcion Jgate
1498 Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology Jgate
1499 Open and Libraries Class Journal Jgate
1500 Open Anthropology Journal Jgate
1501 Open Area Studies Journal Jgate
1502 Open Behavioral Science Journal Jgate
1503 Open Business Journal Jgate
1504 Open Communication Journal Jgate
1505 Open Criminology Journal Jgate
1506 Open Demography Journal Jgate
1507 Open Economics Journal Jgate
1508 Open Environmental Pollution & Toxicology Journal Jgate
1509 Open Family Studies Journal Jgate
1510 Open Government Jgate
1511 Open Information Science Journal Jgate
1512 Open Law Journal Jgate
1513 Open Management Journal Jgate
1514 Open Materials Science Journal Jgate
1515 Open Ocean Engineering Journal Jgate
1516 Open Operational Research Journal Jgate
1517 Open Political Science Journal Jgate
1518 Open Rehabilitation Journal Jgate
1519 Open Social Science Journal Jgate
1520 Open Sociology Journal Jgate
1521 Open Sports Sciences Journal Jgate
1522 Open Transportation Journal Jgate
1523 Open Urban Studies Journal Jgate
1524 Operations & Fulfillment Jgate
1525 Ophthalmology Management Jgate
1526 Opiniao Publica Jgate
1527 Opolis: An International Journal of Suburban and Metropolitan Studies Jgate
1528 Optimum Online Jgate
1529 Options Magazine Jgate
1530 Oregon Business Jgate
1531 Oregon Law Review Jgate
1532 Organizacija Jgate
1533 Organization and Management Jgate
1534 Organizational Psychology Review Jgate
1535 Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies Jgate
1536 ORMS Today Jgate
1537 Outlines;Critical Practice Studies Jgate
1538 Outlook Jgate
1539 Outlook Money Jgate
1540 Ozean Journal of Applied Sciences Jgate
1541 Ozean Journal of Social Science Jgate
1542 P.O.V: A Danish Journal of Film Sudies Jgate
1543 Package Design Magazine Jgate
1544 Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences Jgate
1545 Pakistan Journal of Library and Information Science Jgate
1546 Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences Jgate
1547 Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies Jgate
1548 Palabra Clave Jgate
1549 Palaestra Jgate
1550 PaleoAnthropology Journal Jgate
1551 Pamukkale Journal of Sport Sciences Jgate
1552 Panoeconomicus Jgate
1553 Panorama Socioeconomico Jgate
1554 Pantaneto Forum Jgate
1555 Papel Politico Jgate
1556 Papeles del Este: Transiciones Poscomunistas Jgate
1557 Papers From The Institute Of Archaeology Jgate
1558 Papers on Social Representations Jgate
1559 Parameters Jgate
1560 Participations Jgate
1561 Partners in Community and Economic Development Jgate
1562 Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Jgate
1563 Pastoralism Jgate
1564 Pathhead Review Jgate
1565 Pavement Magazine Jgate
1566 Peace and Conflict Review Jgate
1567 Peace and Conflict Studies Jgate
1568 Peace Magazine Jgate
1569 Peace, Conflict and Development Jgate
1570 Pennsylvania CPA Journal Jgate
1571 People Jgate
1572 People and Place Jgate
1573 Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences Jgate
1574 Perspectivas: Revista de Ciências Sociais Jgate
1575 Perspective Jgate
1576 Perspectives Jgate
1577 Perspectives in International Librarianship Jgate
1578 Perspectives in Public Affairs Jgate
1579 Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business Jgate
1580 Perspectives on Labour and Income Jgate
1581 Perspectives on Social Work Jgate
1582 Perspectives on Urban Education Jgate
1583 Pertanika Journal of Social Science & Humanities Jgate
1584 Pesquisa Operacional Jgate
1585 Pharmaceutical Executive Jgate
1586 Philippine Journal of Development Jgate
1587 Philologia Jgate
1588 Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly Jgate
1589 Picturing Justice Jgate
1590 Plagiary Jgate
1591 Plants Sites & Parks Jgate
1592 Platform: Journal of Media and Communication Jgate
1593 Platinum Metals Review Jgate
1594 Plumbing and Mechanical Jgate
1595 Polemos: Journal of Interdisciplinary Research on War and Peace Jgate
1596 Police Chief Jgate
1597 Police Fleet Manager Jgate
1598 Policy Perspectives Jgate
1599 Policy Review Jgate
1600 Polish Psychological Bulletin Jgate
1601 Política & Sociedade: Revista de Sociologia Política Jgate
1602 Political Science Reviewer Jgate
1603 Politièka misao: Croatian Political Science Review Jgate
1604 Politikon Jgate
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1606 Population Reports Jgate
1607 Population Trends Jgate
1608 Poroi Jgate
1609 Portal Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies Jgate
1610 Postmedieval: a Journal of Medieval Cultural Studies Jgate
1611 Practical Accountant Jgate
1612 Practice Reflexions Jgate
1613 Present Pasts Jgate
1614 Print & Publishing Jgate
1615 Prison Service Journal Jgate
1616 Private Label Jgate
1617 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences Jgate
1618 Proceedings of Rijeka Faculty of Economics: Journal of Economics and Jgate
1619 Proceedings of the U S Naval Institute Jgate
1620 Product: Management & Develop-ment Jgate
1621 Professional Contractor Jgate
1622 Professional Door Dealer Jgate
1623 Professional Manager Magazine Jgate
1624 Professional Wealth Management Jgate
1625 Professionalization of Exercise Physiology Jgate
1626 Promo Jgate
1627 Provincial China Jgate
1628 Psic - Revista de Psicologia da Vetor Editora Jgate
1629 Psicologia & Sociedade Jgate
1630 Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa Jgate
1631 PSRP Reporter Jgate
1632 PsyArt Jgate
1633 Psyche: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness Jgate
1634 PsychNology Journal Jgate
1635 Psychology & Society Jgate
1636 Psychology in Society Jgate
1637 Psychology in Spain Jgate
1638 Psychology of Language and Communication Jgate
1639 Psychology Study Jgate
1640 Psychosocial Intervention Jgate
1641 Public Administration and Management Jgate
1642 Public Administration Magazine Jgate
1643 Public Employee Advocate Jgate
1644 Public Employee Quarterly Jgate
1645 Public Interest Law Journal Jgate
1646 Public Knowledge Jgate
1647 Public Relations Journal Jgate
1648 Public Relations Strategist Jgate
1649 Public Roads Magazine Jgate
1650 Public Space Jgate
1651 Public Venue Security Jgate
1652 Public Works Online Jgate
1653 Pulse of Capitalism Jgate
1654 Qualitative Report Jgate
1655 Qualitative Sociology Review Jgate
1656 Qualitative Studies Jgate
1657 Quality in Manufacturing Jgate
1658 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Social Sciences Jgate
1659 Quantitative Economics Jgate
1660 Quarterly Review: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Jgate
1661 Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal Jgate
1662 Radical Psychology Jgate
1663 RAE-eletronica Jgate
1664 RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas Jgate
1665 Rand Review Jgate
1666 Real Estate Issues Jgate
1667 Reason Online Jgate
1668 reCollections Jgate
1669 Reconstruction Jgate
1670 Refuge Jgate
1671 Regent Global Business Review Jgate
1672 Region Jgate
1673 Region focus Jgate
1674 Regional Economist Jgate
1675 Regional Review Jgate
1676 Registered Representative Jgate
1677 Regulation Jgate
1678 Rehab Management Jgate
1679 Rehabilitation Process and Outcome Jgate
1680 Religião e Sociedade Jgate
1681 Religious Conference Manager Jgate
1682 Rental Equipment Register Jgate
1683 Rental Product News Jgate
1684 Res Cogitans - Journal of Philosophy Jgate
1685 Res Manageria Jgate
1686 Research and Practice in Human Resource Management Jgate
1687 Research and Practice in Social Sciences Jgate
1688 Research in Applied Economics Jgate
1689 Research in Business and Economics Journal Jgate
1690 Research in Higher Education Journal Jgate
1691 Research in World Economy Jgate
1692 Research Journal of Agronomy Jgate
1693 Research Journal of Business Management Jgate
1694 Research Journal of International Studies Jgate
1695 Research Journal of Poultry Sciences Jgate
1696 Research Journal of Social Science & Management Jgate
1697 Research Journal of Social Sciences Jgate
1698 Research Letters in Communications Jgate
1699 Research Magazine Jgate
1700 Research Review Jgate
1701 Researchers World - Journal of Arts Science & Commerce Jgate
1702 Reserve Bank of India Bulletin Jgate
1703 Reserve Bank of India Bulletin: Weekly Statistical Supplement Jgate
1704 Residential Architect Online Jgate
1705 Resistance Studies Magazine Jgate
1706 Response Jgate
1707 Restaurant Hospitality Jgate
1708 Retail Traffic Jgate
1709 Revenue Law Journal Jgate
1710 Review of Administration and Innovation Jgate
1711 Review of Banking & Financial Law Jgate
1712 Review of Business and Finance Case Studies Jgate
1713 Review of Development Finance Jgate
1714 Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal Jgate
1715 Review of Economic and Business Studies Jgate
1716 Review of Economic Conditions in Italy Jgate
1717 Review of Economic Perspectives Jgate
1718 Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues Jgate
1719 Review of Economics and Institutions Jgate
1720 Review of Finance and Banking Jgate
1721 Review of Intellectual Property Law Jgate
1722 Review of Law and Social Change Jgate
1723 Review of Research and Social Intervention Jgate
1724 Revija Za Socijalnu Politiku - Journal of Social Policy Jgate
1725 Revija za sociologiju Jgate
1726 Revista ACB Jgate
1727 Revista Argentina de Antropología Biologica Jgate
1728 Revista Brasileira de Ciencias Sociais Jgate
1729 Revista Brasileira de Economia Jgate
1730 Revista Brasileira de Historia Jgate
1731 Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional Jgate
1732 Revista Contabilidade e Finanças Jgate
1733 Revista de Administração Contemporânea Jgate
1734 Revista de Antropologia Jgate
1735 Revista de Ciencia Politica Jgate
1736 Revista de Ciencias Sociales Jgate
1737 Revista de Contabilidad : Spanish Accounting Review Jgate
1738 Revista de Derecho Jgate
1739 Revista de Derecho de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso Jgate
1740 Revista de Economia Jgate
1741 Revista de Economia Contemporânea Jgate
1742 Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural Jgate
1743 Revista de Economia Política Jgate
1744 Revista de Estudios Cooperativos Jgate
1745 Revista de Estudios Histórico-Jurídicos Jgate
1746 Revista de la Facultad de Agronom ¡a Jgate
1747 Revista de Psicología del Trabajo y de las Organizaciones Jgate
1748 Revista de Sociologia e Politica Jgate
1749 Revista Digital de Biblioteconomia e Ciência da Informação Jgate
1750 Revista EIA Jgate
1751 Revista Emancipação Jgate
1752 Revista Española de Documentación Científica Jgate
1753 Revista Estudos Feministas Jgate
1754 Revista Geografica Academica Jgate
1755 Revista Ibero-Americana de Estratégia Jgate
1756 Revista Internacional Interdisciplinar INTERthesis Jgate
1757 Revista Katálysis Jgate
1758 Revista Latina de Comunicacion Jgate
1759 Revista Mexicana de Sociología Jgate
1760 Revista Sociedade & Natureza Jgate
1761 Revista Universo Contábil Jgate
1762 RF Design Jgate
1763 Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business Jgate
1764 Richmond Journal of Law & Technology Jgate
1765 Rocky Mountain Communication Review Jgate
1766 Roma Rights Quarterly Jgate
1767 Roman Legal Tradition Jgate
1768 Romanian Economic Journal Jgate
1769 Romanian Journal of European Affairs Jgate
1770 Romanian Review of European Governance Studies Jgate
1771 Romanian Review of Regional Studies Jgate
1772 Romanian Review on Political Geography Jgate
1773 Rough Notes Magazine Jgate
1774 Russia in Global Affairs Jgate
1775 Russian Digital Libraries Journal Jgate
1776 Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives Jgate
1777 Rutgers Journal of Law & Public Policy Jgate
1778 Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion Jgate
1779 Rutgers Law Review Jgate
1780 RV Trade Digest Jgate
1781 Ryerson Review of Journalism Jgate
1782 SA Crime Quarterly Jgate
1783 Sacha Journal of Policy and Strategic Studies Jgate
1784 SAGE Open Jgate
1785 Sao Paulo em Perspectiva Jgate
1786 Scan Jgate
1787 Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly Jgate
1788 Scholar & Feminist Online Jgate
1789 School Libraries in Canada Jgate
1790 School Library Media Research Jgate
1791 School of Doctoral Studies Journal Jgate
1792 ScieCom Info Jgate
1793 Scientia Iuris Jgate
1794 Scientia Magna Jgate
1795 Scientific Bulletin:Economic Sciences Jgate
1796 Sci-Tech News Jgate
1797 Scottish Rite Journal Jgate
1798 Scout Report Jgate
1799 Script-ed Jgate
1800 Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal Jgate
1801 Second Nature: International Journal of Creative Media Jgate
1802 Second Opinion Jgate
1803 Security Jgate
1804 Security Dealer & Integrator Jgate
1805 Security Research Review Jgate
1806 Security Technology Executive Jgate
1807 Seed World Jgate
1808 Senior Citizens Magazine Jgate
1809 Serbian Journal of Management Jgate
1810 SERIEs: Journal of the Spanish Economic Association Jgate
1811 Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations Jgate
1812 Settler Colonial Studies Jgate
1813 Sexual Offender Treatment Jgate
1814 Shelterforce Jgate
1815 Shidler Journal of Law, Commerce & Technology Jgate
1816 Singapore Journal of Library & Information Management Jgate
1817 Site Selection Jgate
1818 Situations:Project of the Radical Imagination Jgate
1819 Slavic Studies Jgate
1820 Small Times Magazine Jgate
1821 Small Town Texas Mason E-magazine Jgate
1822 Smithsonian Jgate
1823 SMU Science and Technology Law Review Jgate
1824 Social Europe: Journal of the European Left Jgate
1825 Social Geography Jgate
1826 Social Justice in Context Jgate
1827 Social Justice Review Jgate
1828 Social Policy Journal Of New Zealand Jgate
1829 Social Policy Report Jgate
1830 Social Psychology Jgate
1831 Social Research Update Jgate
1832 Social Science Diliman Jgate
1833 Social Sciences Jgate
1834 Social Sciences Information Review Jgate
1835 Social Studies Research and Practice Jgate
1836 Social Studies Review Jgate
1837 Social Work & Society Jgate
1838 Socialist Studies:The Journal of the Society for Socialist Studies Jgate
1839 Sociation Today Jgate
1840 Sociedade e Estado Jgate
1841 Socio-Legal Review Jgate
1842 Sociologias Jgate
1843 Sociological Viewpoints Jgate
1844 Sociologija Jgate
1845 Sociologija : Mintis ir Veiksmas Jgate
1846 Sociology Mind Jgate
1847 Sociology of Sport Online Jgate
1848 Solve Jgate
1849 Sound & Vision Jgate
1850 South African Foreign Policy Monitor Jgate
1851 South African Journal of Animal Science Jgate
1852 South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences Jgate
1853 South African Journal of Education Jgate
1854 South African Journal of Human Resource Management Jgate
1855 South African Journal of Information Management Jgate
1856 South African Journal of Information Management Jgate
1857 South Asia Defence & Strategic Review Jgate
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1859 South East European Journal of Economics and Business Jgate
1860 Southeast Asian Studies Jgate
1861 Southeast European Politics Jgate
1862 South-Eastern Europe Journal of Economics Jgate
1863 Southern African Business Review Jgate
1864 Southern African Development Community Barometer Jgate
1865 Southern Business Review Jgate
1866 Southern Illinois University Law Journal Jgate
1867 Southern Law Journal Jgate
1868 Southern Rural Sociology Jgate
1869 Southwest Business and Economics Journal Jgate
1870 Southwest Farm Press Jgate
1871 Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice Jgate
1872 Spaces for Difference: An Interdisciplinary Journal Jgate
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1874 Sri Lanka Journal of Psychiatry Jgate
1875 Sri Lankan Journal of Librarianship & Information Management Jgate
1876 SS International Journal of Business & Management Research Jgate
1877 SS International Journal of Economics and Management Jgate
1878 SSI Magazine Jgate
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1880 St. Mary's Law Journal Jgate
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1883 Stanford Law Review Jgate
1884 Stanford Technology Law Review Jgate
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1886 Statistics, Politics, and Policy Jgate
1887 Stigma Research and Action Jgate
1888 trategic Assessment Jgate
1889 Strategic Management Review Jgate
1890 Strategic Marketing Jgate
1891 Strategies of Critique Jgate
1892 Stream: Culture/Politics/Technology Jgate
1893 Structure and Dynamics Jgate
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1897 Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education Jgate
1898 Studies in Political Economy Jgate
1899 Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal Jgate
1900 Studies in Social and Political Thought Jgate
1901 Studies in Social Justice Jgate
1902 Studies in Sociology of Science Jgate
1903 Studies of Transition States and Societies Jgate
1904 Studies of Tribes and Tribals Jgate
1905 Studies on Home and Community Science Jgate
1906 Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Jgate
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1911 Supply House Times Jgate
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1914 Surveillance & Society Jgate
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1918 Suvremene teme : Contemporary Issues Jgate
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2029 Voices Jgate
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2062 Workplace Jgate
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2101 International Socialism Jgate
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2119 Issues in Ethics Jgate
2120 Issues in Innovation Jgate