S.No. List of Journals & Magazines for Biomedical Engineering  Package
International E-Journals
1 Biomedical And Health Informatics, Ieee Journal Of (J-Bhi) IEEE
2 Biomedical Circuits And Systems, Ieee Trans. On (T-Bcas)  IEEE
3 Biomedical Engineering, Ieee Reviews In (R-Bme)  IEEE
4 Biomedical Engineering, Ieee Trans. On (T-Bme)  IEEE
5 Human-Machine Systems, Ieee Trans. On (T-Hms) IEEE
6 Medical Imaging, Ieee Trans. On (T-Mi)  IEEE
7 Haptics, Ieee Trans. On (T-H)  IEEE
8 Sensors, Ieee Journal Of (J-Sen)  IEEE
9 Computational Biology And Bioinformatics, Ieee/Acm Trans. On (T-Cbb)  IEEE
10 Ieee Pusle: A Magazine Of The Ieee Engineering In Medicine And Biology Society IEEE
11 Molecular, Biological And Multi-Scale Communications, Ieee Trans. On  (T-Mbmsc) IEEE
12 Nanobioscience, Ieee Trans. On (T-Nb)  IEEE
13 Plasma Science, Ieee Trans. On (T-Ps)  IEEE
14 Acta Biomedica Brasiliensia K-Hub
15 Acta Marisiensis. Seria Technologica K-Hub
16 Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis K-Hub
17 Acta Of Bioengineering And Biomechanics K-Hub
18 Acta Orthopaedica K-Hub
19 Advanced Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
20 Advances In Bioinformatics K-Hub
21 Advances In Enzyme Research K-Hub
22 Advances In Nanoparticles K-Hub
23 Advances In Simulation K-Hub
24 Africa Science: International Journal Of Science And Technology K-Hub
25 Aims Cell And Tissue Engineering K-Hub
26 Alcohol Research : Current Reviews K-Hub
27 American Journal Of Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
28 Annual Review Of Biomedical Sciences K-Hub
29 Applied Bionics And Biomechanics K-Hub
30 Applied Medical Informatics K-Hub
31 Archive Of Biomedical Science And Engineering K-Hub
32 Asian Journal Of Bio-Medical Research K-Hub
33 Asian Journal Of Biomedical And Pharmaceutical Sciences K-Hub
34 Austin Journal Of Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
35 Avicenna Journal Of Medical Biotechnology K-Hub
36 Biodata Mining K-Hub
37 Biofabrication K-Hub
38 Biology, Engineering And Medicine K-Hub
39 Biomarkers And Genomic Medicine K-Hub
40 Biomatter K-Hub
41 Biomedical K-Hub
42 Biomedical Data Journal K-Hub
43 Biomedical Engineering And Computational Biology K-Hub
44 Biomedical Engineering And Electronics K-Hub
45 Biomedical Engineering Frontiers K-Hub
46 Biomedical Engineering Online K-Hub
47 Biomedical Engineering: Current Research K-Hub
48 Biomedical Imaging And Intervention Journal K-Hub
49 Biomedical Research K-Hub
50 Biomedical Research And Clinical Practice K-Hub
51 Biomedical Research And Reviews K-Hub
52 Biomedical Research And Therapy K-Hub
53 Biomedical Reviews K-Hub
54 Biomedical Science And Engineering K-Hub
55 Biometrics & Biostatistics International Journal K-Hub
56 Biomimetics K-Hub
57 Biosensors K-Hub
58 Biotechnology Reports K-Hub
59 Bmc Bioinformatics K-Hub
60 Bmc Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
61 Brazilian Journal Of Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
62 Cancer Informatics K-Hub
63 Cancer Nanotechnology K-Hub
64 Clinician And Technology K-Hub
65 Computer Science K-Hub
66 Current Bionanotechnology K-Hub
67 Current Directions In Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
68 Current Problems Of Biomechanics K-Hub
69 Current Trends In Biomedical Engineering & Biosciences K-Hub
70 Defence Science Journal K-Hub
71 Digest Journal Of Nanomaterials And Biostructures K-Hub
72 Discovery K-Hub
73 Edorium Journal Of Biomedical Science K-Hub
74 Edorium Journal Of Biomedical Technology K-Hub
75 Edorium™ Journal Of Aging Research K-Hub
76 Edorium™ Journal Of Biomedical Technology K-Hub
77 Engineering And Applied Science Letters K-Hub
78 Engineering, Pure And Applied Sciences K-Hub
79 Environmental Biosafety Research K-Hub
80 Epj Nonlinear Biomedical Physics K-Hub
81 European Journal Of Biomedical Informatics K-Hub
82 Fooyin Journal Of Health Sciences K-Hub
83 Frontiers In Bioengineering And Biotechnology K-Hub
84 Frontiers In Biomedical Technologies K-Hub
85 Frontiers In Neuroengineering K-Hub
86 Frontiers In Neuroinformatics K-Hub
87 Frontiers In Neurorobotics K-Hub
88 Genes And Cells K-Hub
89 Gigascience K-Hub
90 Global Imaging Insights K-Hub
91 Global Journal For Research Analysis K-Hub
92 Hardwarex K-Hub
93 Healthcare Informatics Research K-Hub
94 Healthcare Technology Letters K-Hub
95 Ibnosina Journal Of Medicine And Biomedical Sciences K-Hub
96 Ieee Access K-Hub
97 Ieee Journal Of Translational Engineering In Health And Medicine K-Hub
98 Ieee Life Sciences Letters K-Hub
99 Ieee Open Journal Of Engineering In Medicine And Biology K-Hub
100 Implementation Science K-Hub
101 Integrative Journal Of Medical Sciences K-Hub
102 International Archives Of Biomedical And Clinical Research K-Hub
103 International Biomechanics K-Hub
104 International Journal For Engineering Modelling K-Hub
105 International Journal Of Advanced Nursing Science And Practice K-Hub
106 International Journal Of Bio-Science And Bio-Technology K-Hub
107 International Journal Of Bioelectromagnetism K-Hub
108 International Journal Of Biology And Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
109 International Journal Of Biomaterials K-Hub
110 International Journal Of Biomedical And Advance Research K-Hub
111 International Journal Of Biomedical Data Mining K-Hub
112 International Journal Of Biomedical Imaging K-Hub
113 International Journal Of Biosensors & Bioelectronics K-Hub
114 International Journal Of Computer Science In Sport K-Hub
115 International Journal Of Genetic Engineering K-Hub
116 International Journal Of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering And Radiation Oncology K-Hub
117 International Journal Of Medicine And Biomedical Research K-Hub
118 International Journal Of Medicine And Pharmacy K-Hub
119 International Journal Of Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology And Nanomedicine K-Hub
120 International Journal Of Pharmacy And Technology K-Hub
121 International Journal Of Phytopharmacy K-Hub
122 International Journal Of Public Health Science K-Hub
123 International Journal Of Robust And Nonlinear Control K-Hub
124 International Journal Of Sports Science K-Hub
125 International Journal Of Telemedicine And Applications K-Hub
126 International Series On Integrated Science And Technology K-Hub
127 Iop Conference Series: Earth And Environmental Science K-Hub
128 Jahr K-Hub
129 Japanese Journal Of Medical Electronics And Biological Engineering K-Hub
130 Journal Of Bioengineering & Biomedical Science K-Hub
131 Journal Of Biological Engineering K-Hub
132 Journal Of Biomedical And Clinical Sciences K-Hub
133 Journal Of Biomedical And Life Science K-Hub
134 Journal Of Biomedical Engineering And Biosciences K-Hub
135 Journal Of Biomedical Engineering And Informatics K-Hub
136 Journal Of Biomedical Engineering And Medical Devices K-Hub
137 Journal Of Biomedical Engineering And Research K-Hub
138 Journal Of Biomedical Engineering And Technology K-Hub
139 Journal Of Biomedical Graphics And Computing K-Hub
140 Journal Of Biomedical Imaging And Bioengineering K-Hub
141 Journal Of Biomedical Practitioners K-Hub
142 Journal Of Biomedical Sciences K-Hub
143 Journal Of Biomedical Sciences And Research K-Hub
144 Journal Of Biomedical Technology And Research K-Hub
145 Journal Of Biophysics K-Hub
146 Journal Of Computational Surgery K-Hub
147 Journal Of Diagnostic Techniques And Biomedical Analysis K-Hub
148 Journal Of Electrical Bioimpedance K-Hub
149 Journal Of Flow Control, Measurement & Visualization K-Hub
150 Journal Of Functional Biomaterials K-Hub
151 Journal Of Healthcare Engineering K-Hub
152 Journal Of Immunology And Regenerative Medicine K-Hub
153 Journal Of Innovative Optical Health Sciences K-Hub
154 Journal Of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports K-Hub
155 Journal Of Medical Biotechnology K-Hub
156 Journal Of Medical Engineering K-Hub
157 Journal Of Medical Signals & Sensors K-Hub
158 Journal Of Medical Signals And Sensors K-Hub
159 Journal Of Membrane Science & Technology K-Hub
160 Journal Of Nanobiotechnology K-Hub
161 Journal Of Nanomedicine And Nanotechnology K-Hub
162 Journal Of Nanomedicine Research K-Hub
163 Journal Of Nanotechnology In Diagnosis And Treatment K-Hub
164 Journal Of Neural Engineering K-Hub
165 Journal Of Neuroengineering And Rehabilitation, Jner K-Hub
166 Journal Of Regenerative Medicine And Tissue Engineering K-Hub
167 Journal Of Rehabilitation And Assistive Technologies Engineering K-Hub
168 Journal Of Reports In Pharmaceutical Sciences K-Hub
169 Journal Of The Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System K-Hub
170 Journal Of The Society Of Biomechanisms K-Hub
171 Journal Of Tissue Engineering K-Hub
172 Macedonian Pharmaceutical Bulletin K-Hub
173 Measurement Science Review K-Hub
174 Medical Devices And Diagnostic Engineering K-Hub
175 Medical Devices: Evidence And Research K-Hub
176 Medical Journal Of Babylon K-Hub
177 Medical Science And Technology K-Hub
178 Medix: Specialized Medical Bimonthly K-Hub
179 Metabolic Engineering Communications K-Hub
180 Mexican Journal Of Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
181 Micro & Nano Letters K-Hub
182 Micro And Nano Letters K-Hub
183 Microbial Cell K-Hub
184 Micromedicine K-Hub
185 Microscopy Research K-Hub
186 Molecular Imaging K-Hub
187 Nano Biomedicine K-Hub
188 Nano Biomedicine And Engineering K-Hub
189 Nanobiomedicine K-Hub
190 Nanotechnology Development K-Hub
191 Nanotechnology, Science And Applications K-Hub
192 Natural Science K-Hub
193 New Journal Of Glass And Ceramics K-Hub
194 Nonlinear Biomedical Physics K-Hub
195 Nonlinear Engineering : Modeling And Application K-Hub
196 Nuclear Medicine And Biomedical Imaging K-Hub
197 Oa Tissue Engineering K-Hub
198 Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series K-Hub
199 Open Access Bioinformatics K-Hub
200 Open Biomedical Engineering Journal K-Hub
201 Open Biotechnology Journal K-Hub
202 Open Journal Of Applied Sciences K-Hub
203 Open Journal Of Ecology K-Hub
204 Open Journal Of Radiology K-Hub
205 Opticon1826 K-Hub
206 Periodicals Of Engineering And Natural Sciences K-Hub
207 Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing K-Hub
208 Photoacoustics K-Hub
209 Physiological Measurement K-Hub
210 Plasma Medicine K-Hub
211 Podiatry Management K-Hub
212 Polish Hyperbaric Research K-Hub
213 Polymers K-Hub
214 Porto Biomedical Journal K-Hub
215 Powder Metallurgy Progress K-Hub
216 Regenerative Biomaterials K-Hub
217 Scholars Journal Of Engineering And Technology K-Hub
218 Scholedge International Journal Of Multidisciplinary & Allied Studies K-Hub
219 Science And Technology Of Advanced Materials K-Hub
220 Scientific Bulletin Of Valahia University - Materials And Mechanics K-Hub
221 Synthetic And Systems Biotechnology K-Hub
222 The Indonesian Biomedical Journal K-Hub
223 The Open Bioinformatics Journal K-Hub
224 The Open Biomedical Engineering Journal K-Hub
225 The Open Chemical And Biomedical Methods Journal K-Hub
226 The Open Medical Devices Journal K-Hub
227 The Open Systems Biology Journal K-Hub
228 The Review Of Diabetic Studies K-Hub
229 Theoretical And Applied Mechanics Letters K-Hub
230 Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine: Open Access K-Hub
231 Transactions Of Japanese Society For Medical And Biological Engineering K-Hub
232 Trends In Biomedical Research K-Hub
233 Trends In Technical & Scientific Research K-Hub
234 Universal Journal Of Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
235 Video Journal Of Biomedical Science K-Hub
236 Asaio Journal K-Hub
237 Bio-Medical Materials And Engineering K-Hub
238 Biomedical Safety & Standards K-Hub
239 Current Biochemical Engineering K-Hub
240 Current Microwave Chemistry K-Hub
241 Current Tissue Engineering K-Hub
242 Expert Review Of Medical Devices K-Hub
243 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News K-Hub
244 Health Physics K-Hub
245 Ieee Engineering In Medicine And Biology Magazine K-Hub
246 Ieee Journal Of Biomedical And Health Informatics K-Hub
247 Ieee Pulse K-Hub
248 Ieee Reviews In Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
249 Ieee Robotics And Automation Magazine K-Hub
250 Ieee Transactions On Biomedical Circuits And Systems K-Hub
251 Ieee Transactions On Biomedical Engineering K-Hub
252 Ieee Transactions On Fuzzy Systems K-Hub
253 Ieee Transactions On Information Technology In Biomedicine K-Hub
254 Ieee Transactions On Information Technology In Biomedicine K-Hub
255 Ieee Transactions On Medical Imaging K-Hub
256 Ieee Transactions On Nanobioscience K-Hub
257 Ieee Transactions On Neural Systems And Rehabilitation Engineering K-Hub
258 Ieee Transactions On Rehabilitation Engineering K-Hub
259 Ieee/Acm Transactions On Computational Biology And Bioinformatics K-Hub
260 Innovations: Technology And Techniques In Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery K-Hub
261 Journal Of Biomedical Optics K-Hub
262 Journal Of Computer Assisted Tomography K-Hub
263 Journal Of Materials Chemistry A K-Hub
264 Journal Of Materials Chemistry B K-Hub
265 Journal Of Orthopaedic Trauma K-Hub
266 Journal Of Spinal Disorders & Techniques K-Hub
267 Lab On A Chip K-Hub
268 Nanomedicine K-Hub
269 Photomedicine And Laser Surgery K-Hub
270 Regenerative Medicine K-Hub
271 Spectroscopy K-Hub
272 Spine K-Hub
273 Technology And Health Care K-Hub
274 Telemedicine And E-Health K-Hub
275 Tissue Engineering, Parts A, B, & C K-Hub
S.No. National Journals Version
1 Indian Journal Of Chemical Technology Print
2 Indian Journal Of Experimental Biology Print
3 Indian Journal Of Natural Products And Resources
4 Current Science Print
5 Resonance Journal Of Science Education Print
6 Electronics For You Print
7 Embedded For You Print
8 Nanodigest Print