AICTE - Grievance Redressal Cell :

Healthy mind paves the way to keep our body healthy. Healthy mind and body leads us to be successful in life. Keeping this as a motto, the grievance redressal cell of PSNACET immaculately plans and executes many activities to maintain an ambiance which enhances the comfort and confidence of both students and staff members inside the campus. Motivation and Morale can be achieved by addressing the grievances which rose among the students and staff members under different circumstances. A team comprising of one senior staff member from each Department headed by Dr. R. Kannan HOD/ Mechanical Engineering Department was formulated to analyze and eradicate the grievances raised.

Objectives :

The main purpose of the Grievance redressal Cell is to inculcate a responsive and accountable attitude among all the stake holders of the institution in order to maintain a conducive educational environment.

The following are the objectives of the grievance redressal cell.

  • To formulate a framework and effective strategy to collect, analyze and address the grievance of all the stake holders.
  • To execute various periodic activities to ensure that no stake holder has hesitation in sharing the grievances.
  • To ensure that the grievances of the stake holders are minimized/eradicated from the system if found trustworthy and against the ethics of the institution.
  • To maintain conducive environment for learning, innovation and peacefulness.
  • To enhance the dignity of the institution by maintaining good student - student relationship and staff - students relationship.
  • To avoid women harassment and ragging of junior students.
  • To ensure non biased solution to the grievances with the support of college authorities.

GRC Committee :

The above objectives are carried out by the following committee members.

S.No Name of the staff member Category Designation
1. Dr.R.Kannan Convenor HOD/Mechanical Engineering
2. Dr.A.Aleeswari Member Professor/ MBA
3. Dr.J.Benadict Raja Member Asso.Prof./CSE
4. Mr.A.Chandrasekar Member AP/Civil
5. Dr.D.Sudarsan Member AP/Mech
6. Mr.R.Balakumaresan Member AP/ECE
7. Mr.R.Josephrathish Member AP/EEE
8. Mr.J.Jeganathan Member AP/IT

Procedure for submitting grievances :

Grievance may be shared with respective tutors or year in-charges. If the student is willing to hide the identity, they can approach the grievance redressal member in person or post their grievances in the box provided at each building. They can also submit their grievances to

Mechanism of the GRC :

Collection of grievances through various modes such as in person, email, online link , tutors and year in-charges.
Analyze the root cause of the problem through periodic meetings with the committee members.
Identifying alternate course of actions.
Finding the best feasible solution
Report submitted to Principal and Management for approval
Implementing the solution
Collecting feedback from the person concerned.
A meeting is conducted periodically to discuss the issues and identify feasible solution. However, based on the severity of the problem, meetings are conducted immediately to solve the problem.

Scope :

Stake holders can submit their grievances which might be related to academic or non academic matters. Students can lodge complaints against certain misgivings about conditions of sanitation, preparation of food, availability of transport, victimization by teachers, ragging, women harassment and any other offensive activity.