I had the incredible opportunity to attend the IBM zSystems Executive Roundtable for IBM zSystems student ambassadors. It was an amazing experience.

During the roundtable, I had the pleasure of engaging in discussions with Meredith StowellMegan Conklin, and Joe Winchester.They shared their insights on the future of mainframes and how they are helping to shape the future of technology. We covered a range of fascinating topics, including the current state of the mainframe landscape, the impact of the AI revolution, and the potential of hybrid cloud. It was great to hear about the latest developments and trends in the mainframe industry.

The conversations were insightful and thought-provoking, allowing us to explore the future of mainframe technology and the importance of maintaining robust security measures. We also discussed the learning path to becoming proficient in mainframe technologies.

I would like to thank Lucas Sahn , Marti Wigder Grimminck , and Rachel Head for organizing the IBM zSystems Executive Roundtable and giving me the opportunity to attend.

A big thank you to Joe Winchester , Megan Conklin and Meredith Stowell for graciously sharing their time and expertise during the IBM zSystems Executive Roundtable. Your valuable insights have been inspiring

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I am excited to announce that I have received the IBM Z and LinuxONE Community Advocate - 2022 (Level 2)! This is a testament to my dedication to learning about and contributing to the mainframe community. I am committed to continuing to grow and learn as an active member of this community, and I look forward to contributing even more in the future Thank you Shari Chiara Sudharsana Srinivasan Lucas Sahn Rachel Head Marti Wigder Grimminck

Do checkout my blog regarding Achievements and my experiences with IBM zSystems ambassador program - https://lnkd.in/gVCBfdZi

Also I had the opportunity to host Shami GuptaJoydeep BanerjeeMaryam Matin, and Purusothaman Gurusamy as speakers at IBM zSystems PSNACET chapter events. Each of these individuals brought something unique and valuable to the table, and I was fortunate to learn from them and help students learn about mainframe technology and consider a career in this field.

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As a IBM zSystems student ambassador captain i am really having a good time in learning and exploring a new things at same time helping my community to gain a knowledge in zsystems mainframe.

I would like to thank Lucas Sahn Marti Wigder Grimminck Rachel Head Your Big Year for giving a opportunity to be part of the IBM zSystems ambassador program

It's been a 10 months since I became IBM zSystems ambassador till now i am gaining a lot of new experiences and contributing to zSystems community hoping to organise a some grand event in upcoming month's and spread my knowledge to my community

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